The online world seems so over-flooded doesn’t it?

There are so many freakin things online that it seems impossible to get through with our message and offering.
I feel it frequently and know when my clients are feeling it too.

That flooded feeling also comes in the form of a lot half-assed advice and webinars. Adding to the stress and confusion of what should you do and how should you do it.
I know the painful effects of analysis paralysis and being decision impaired.
It’s no fun and not a place we can be passionate and creative!

Having outside perspective gives real clarity and makes things seem so simple. When we are too close and tied to our project, trying to figure it out on our own is hard. It takes longer to have those epiphanies and eureka moments.


We’re all different. That should be taken into account when designing our plans for our business. You don’t have to do all the things and you can have a live person to work with that knows you personally and is in love with your business concept. Someone to step in and say “I can, and would love to help you with this!”

I include tutoring and training with my clients before every design project so that you can get the best support and make the best decisions. To not just make something look good but have something that will grow and serve your business in the best ways after. I don’t want you to struggle hard and have to rewrite your website or change your marketing over and over.

I want my clients in the know and empowered with their best content before even coming into this design experience.




I will be available for questions and guidance every step of the way. You have me to bounce ideas off and guide you. I will help you learn and make the big decisions by explaining what each choice or design will do for your and your visitors experience.

Knowing the strategy behind each choice empowers your decisions. No guessing or sitting in the dark.
We are not going to make a sand trap for your business or another, “it looks pretty but just sits on the couch all day not working” website.



2 weeks of Guidance and Tutoring
+ 2 weeks for Creation Dates.


3 weeks of Guidance and Tutoring
+ 3 weeks for Creation Dates.


4 weeks of Guidance and Tutoring
+ 4 weeks for Creation Dates


Understanding proven online business strategies and the psychology behind them will move the needle in your online business.

Flailing around and doing your best gets you started, but ceilings and trenches are made that way. Let’s get out of those and build a space where you can grow unrestrained and build an empire.

Your online presence will work hard for you by doing the introductions for you. Then showcasing your unique services and products in a way that these visitors get to know, like and trust you.
Setting the hooks into the ideal clients and making sure they buy and come back.



If you have any questions in the first month after your creation dates just shoot me an email and I will be there to help via email or a video tutorial reply.

As a VIP client we can work together in the future if you need at my hourly rate on graphic & branding creations or website help. Your website project is not just “like” my own project. It really is!

I want to make sure what we build & creates stays amazing and keeps serving you as you need. I want it to grow with you, keep working hard for you and stay gorgeous just as much as you do!


I have pledged that with every website package purchased:

2,500 trees will be planted in your honor and 25 days of work ↡

will be provided for local villagers in in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, and Ethiopia through Eden Reforestation Projects.
By keeping their overhead costs low, they are now recognized as one of the most cost-effective reforestation projects on the planet.

With every branding package purchased 1,500 trees will be planted in your honor and 15 days of work provided:


If you’re looking to revamp your brand and or website you should work with Monica!
She has a great eye for design and marketing.

If you want someone to help guide you through the process or give honest feedback on your copy or your design elements, so you have a beautiful website that will drive traffic and new customers, this is the freelancer for you!
I can’t say enough good things about working with her!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do I need to do?

You will need to read 1 or 2 ebooks. Then fill out a few questionnaires. For a website you will then start your clear step by step training that will guide you to create your website content. You will have all the time we decide you need. It must be done before your creation dates come up or we will need to reschedule you to the next available date. It might be a few months out, and if you don’t reschedule then your deposit is forfeit.

+ How will we communicate?

By Slack, a free messenger program that allows us to share free Loom videos and type back and forth. I will also use google hangouts, skype or talk with you on the phone.

+ Do you know what you’re doing? Are you good?

Yes. Coming into digital design with a background as an artist allows me to create what’s in your imagination and mine.

I’ve been working with Illustrator and Photoshop for over 8 years. I’ve taken and continue to take all the best online business courses out there to deliver the best strategy and know how to my clients. My past client can speak more to this themselves. See my testimonials in on my Portfolio page.

+ What will I get?

Branding and website design done by a professional and tutoring in copy writing, marketing and online business strategy. A step-by step training into creating your website content. All my talent and tools are at your side.

+ What might my site or design look like?

YOU! It’s going to be a clean, professional and fun digital representation of you. One that you don’t have to worry about ot feeling genuine. You won’t be wanting to change it anytime soon - if ever! We’ll be using a few colors that evoke your vibe and supporting photos or graphics. It will be eye catching and clean. Something engaging but not busy or overwhelming.

+ Do you really care about my project?

Yes! I only take on those clients that are right for me and my services. Just like how you want to find the right designer, I want to work with the right clients.

When we find each other I feel so alive and excited about their journey and empire they’re building. I help you build these things and I really feel like they’re my own because they are. Your business success and experience is what makes my business.

I get just as excited about the wins, growth and the reveals as my clients do.

+ What if I don’t like it?

My process makes sure that we don’t move forward on the next step until we like the one we’re on now. I create concepts and mockups to deliver the visual creation in small steps so that we can both collaborate on the design and know that we love something before taking the next step.

This has never happened yet but if we’re really not the right fit and you don’t want to continue working with me. Then you get to keep all the e-books and training we’ve done and find another designer. I keep the deposit because of the training and support I had provided up until that point. You can’t use any of the designs or site if they’ve been created.

+ How do I show you what I want?

I have a process where I guide you to find examples of things you like. Colors, fonts, styles, website page layouts etc. You will tell me what you love about them and what you don’t. Then I will move into making some concepts for you.

You tell me where I hit the mark, and if there’s anything a-miss or what you don’t like. With that feedback I make revisions until we have it nailed right on the head. You can use loom videos to record yourself talking and showing me your screen just like we were sitting next to each other at coffee. But you can do it on your own time and schedule. Middle of the night if you want! And I will watch it as soon as I am available and get right on it.

+ Am I going to be lost or confused?

No way. I’m not trying to be fancy or a hot-shot with designer lingo. There are some concepts and words in the digital world that you may have already heard but if not I give you a reference guide. It tells you exactly what these words and concepts are so that you are familiar with them if they come up during your online business work. I’ll do my best to always explain things simply and if you’re not sure what I mean you can send me a message or a video and I can make it crystal clear and show you right back.


+ Will this be stressful and hard?

This will take time and brain juice. I do everything in my power to make it step-by-step and hold your hand as much as you need. I will give you feedback and check in on you weekly leading up to your creation dates. If something is feeling stressful or hard I love to make supportive loom videos just for you to supplement your weekly chat. And Yes. These things may feel a bit hard but that is because your growing and doing things right and thoroughly. If it’s too easy it’s not making a change.

If it’s too easy that’s an indicator to me that it can be much better and won’t give you the results we’re working for.

+ Will I be kept in the loop during the process?

Oh absolutely! This is a collaborative process. Taking the both of us.

The designs that are created are delivered on a silver platter for you to sample and give me feedback on. Then I will come back with more until your jumping for joy and saying that’s it! That’s the one!

+ Will I be overwhelmed with decisions to make?

I have had clients say that making a decision is hard because THEIR OPTIONS WERE ALL SO GOOD. I work diligently to make sure it’s never overwhelming but I do want it to be hard to pick from concept designs.

That means you’re getting the best of the best and your dreams are right in front of your eyes. You’ll be getting clear directions on how to give me feedback and what I need you to do.

+ Is this right for me?

Let’s see. This is right for you if: You’re a little type A, ready to dig deep and do things thouroughly but want some professional support and to not have to take all the online courses to get the raw “need to know” online business knowledge.

You’re ready to be bold, weird or whatever you are and stand out of the masses. To just be you. A shining beacon that’s easy for your ideal audience to find.

You’re also good at making your own schedule and knowing how to make a deadline. You’re the sole decision maker in your business. You do have friends or a mastermind group you can ask for feedback from if you need, yet you can make and feel good about your decisions even if getting varying feedback.

You can put other things on hold right now while you do this very important thing. You will be making the time to give to learning and writing.

+ Are you nice, considerate and easy to talk to?

This is something that I consider when taking on clients and very much expect you to want the same things!

I love getting feedback and talking with my clients. I like to have some friendly get to know you conversations but stay focused and on task when talking about your project and answering questions.

I make sure I talk on the phone or skype/google hangout chat with all my clients before taking them on. I continue to call you through the process to cover questions and tutor you beyond just the e-books and trainings.

+ Will things be organized and easy find?

Haha… I have to laugh here. If you ask any of my friends or family they would be nodding their heads. I love planning, folders, tabs, notebooks and having everything set just right. So absolutely!

You’ll have a client portal that will house all your ebooks – questionnaires and trainings. They’ll be named and numbered so you know which order to work on them. I also take care to organize the digital files of your logos and graphics so that they are easy to find and clearly named.

That is why I also use Slack. No digging for that one email.. where did it go? All messages will all be in one place in chronological order. Whatever does get emailed (like your client portal password, contact etc. is all saved and accessible in your client portal. What support will I get along the way? Pretty much all that you need! You get the e-books, client portal and trainings. But weekly we will talk about your progress, questions or what you are interested in learning more about for an hour each week.

If mid week you have some questions about your trainings or prep work, I will get back to you daily within slack and if I can show you anything or elaborate on anything I will make you a loom video.

+ What do I do next?

Go to my Contact page and pick a day and time that we can chat about your project. You can ask me anything. I will call you at that time. After our discovery chat call, if you are a good fit, I’ll send you an email with my available dates and a direct way to book with me. You can take your time and do this yourself. You can pick your date as far in the future as you like and as soon as my next availability.

You will then get a clear design contract you can sign on your phone or computer and an invoice to make your deposit. Within 24 business hours of those being done you’ll have your client portal and training material to get started.

We’ll also schedule out your tutoring & progress calls. Ready to rock this thing out!

I only take on 2 clients each month because of the level of personal support and guidance that I provide for 4 to 8 weeks at a time. Dates are booking out and I don’t want you to miss out on growing your traffic, email list and making sales in the meantime.

When we initially began, Monica encouraged and gently pushed us to take a step back, to think about who we are trying to serve.

This process allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of our ideal customer, feel their pain points, and think of ways we could better serve them.

Taking this time allowed us to reflect on the direction of our brand and ultimately create a website that mirrored our deeper purpose.


I would love to talk with you in person about your project.
You can ask all the questions that you have and we can discuss all your needs and your goals.
Schedule a phone call to check my availability and we can feel out how much time you might need to create your content for the build.
You should book in advance to save your spot and have time to work on your guides and content creation.

After our call you will get an email proposal recapping my services and any details we discussed. This email will include my available creation dates and if you are ready to start building your site and your business you can book anytime.

Your contract will be sent to you with a link to make your 50% deposit payment.

Your contract is a digital agreement, so no need to worry about printing or scanning. You can sign right from your phone or computer.
You will then get access to your Client Portal that will keep all your documents, Questionnaires, Guides & more. I will have access and be notified as you complete them and you can make edits at any time.