5 THINGS • Your Website Needs to Convert & Make Money

What you’ll learn:
- How to drive traffic to your website
- How to change your mindset around marketing and selling
- How to connect and hook your online visitors
- What your biggest marketing asset is that you need to start doing right now
- How to convert and make more sales with this #1 credibility and trust technique




These are the Top 10 Common Mistakes I find on websites when I am designing a new website for a client looking to boost their business.

“If I’m not selling, I don’t have a business.
I know that my ideal client will love this.”
– Enlightened & Empowered Client X

Before the epiphany that this client didn’t want to bother their visitor with the pop-up or take away from the aesthetic with the announcement bar. They were worried about coming off to pushy. But clarity and guts came into play and said to them that they’re letting their ideal customers and themselves down if they don’t stop feeling shy about what they have to offer.

Marketing & Selling doesn’t mean chasing down and scaring potential customers. You known when you’re shopping at a store and they allow “vendors” to come in and harass you while your shopping?
Just like the anti-wrinkle cream people did to me at Sam’s Club.
“Do you see my face?! I look 10 years younger then I am… do you REALLY THINK I WANT THIS? Stop grabbing me!”

Ok scary sales person story over. I was obviously not their ideal customer. I was giving off some very obvious body language saying leave me the hell alone… yet they stalked me and cornered me all the same!

No tricks and selling traps. No infomercial like ads that lead you to this never ending sales page and blowing up your inbox. That just feels like a meat grinder. Marketing and selling means putting yourself out there in the most open and genuine way. So that the actual human who will be REALLY EXCITED about you & your product can find you.

“Our goal isn’t to touch everyone, our goal is to touch someone. To change someone, just one person. If you get good at that, do 5, then do 100. But stop worrying about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter.”
- Seth Godin

If you’ve been listening to any marketing podcasts or taken any online business strategy courses - email is the best way to stay connected to your audience. You’ll hear that over and over, so I won’t hang on the importance of this too long.

If your social media platforms disappeared right now how would you reach your followers? Your account is hacked and deleted or the platform changes its algorithm like Katy Perry’s song Hot N Cold.
If that happens your email list will be the life-raft of your business.





Your ideal clients need to be able to find you first right?

Keywords or phrases will get you seen on Google, YouTube and Pinterest when they are searching for answers that you have. These are the 3 power houses of search engines. Learn about them and how to research keywords and phrases. Interviewing ideal customers and clients can help you get these keywords word for word. They will tell you what they want to know and are looking for.

Using those words and phrases in your content genuinely will help them find you. Google, Youtube and Pinterest are smart. They will match up content that best fits this person’s needs. Create content that includes their phrase word for work in a way that makes sense. The supreme internet intelligence is too smart for keyword stuffing or sentences that don’t make sense. Get one or two in there while intriguing your visitor to stay on your site and keep reading.

Quality and real connection really does get rewarded here. I promise that those high ranking results don’t have a magic fairy dust. It’s consistency, staying the course and doing the hard work. The research makes the difference. You can’t go shooting in the dark and trial and error can have you in the dark for a few years instead of months.

There are some amazing tools out there. I highly recommend Neil Patel as a guru to follow and learn from. This guy is a genius with keywords and SEO. He also has an awesome Free Tool to help you find more keyword ideas and choose which to use.



People don’t trust big companies or corporations like they used to. We want to see who’s speaking to us. So if you’re not a big business with teams and corporate offices don’t try to pretend to be! Bigger will not invoke the trust so no need to put on pretenses.

Also being glamorous or loosing those pounds first is not necessary. Show up as you. Whoever and however you are. No matter what your feelings are about your own appearance. That’s real, trustworthy and genuine. Someone that feels like a real person. Who could actually understand them. No matter what your feelings are about your own appearance.

We are our harshest judge. If anyone has a spare minute to judge you after their own worries or insecurities, then that’s on them and they’re not right for you. You don’t want to impress this person and you don’t want them to follow you. Making unhelpful comments and lessening your positive community!

Be yourself to attract those that are for you. People can tell when we’re being fake. Fake and perfect doesn’t make connections. Put so many photos up that you feel uncomfortable because others will just feel more connected to you. You won’t some across as self-absorbed I promise.
You will be seen as a familiar face and start becoming a friend in their feed and inbox. You like to see your friends faces don’t you?

Yes! We do. So include a photo of you on almost every page of your website. More than one on your about page. Have one in your emails to your list. And please show your face in your social media feeds! I would say 25% or more. More is better. I don’t know why but the like and comments flow when people the face that is speaking and they want to connect with it.

Must be our programming from surviving as a tribe. We want to see who we are talking to and have an almost impossible time connecting if we don’t. It’s hard to trust someone who is hiding. Don’t hide!

Have friends and family take photos of you. In the moment, in daily life and unstaged. Even if it takes 100 to get one you are comfortable sharing. Just push through. You will get better at it.
Your audience will be so glad to see you!



Don’t talk to the masses. Be very clear on who will enjoy or get the most out of your product or services. You want to hone in on your ideal customer. You want them to know that you just get it them and let them feel that this is perfect for them. Or not for them. You might be thinking that you don’t want to speak to just one type of person (or gender) or that this is going to hurt your sales or exclude some paying customers from your services.

Very logical thinking, yet this doesn’t happen. The opposite happens. Brilliant business wizard & top educator Marie Forleo says…

“If you’re talking to everyone - You're talking to no one.”
- Marie Forleo

If your branding, photos and copy is long, blah and universal then no one will love it, no one can connect to it and I am sure it would be very unhuman. Your visitors will not remember you or what you are selling. Period.

If this still worries you and you’re not sure how to do that completing this FREE WORKBOOK IS A MUST. If you have already done an Ideal Client worksheet I challenge you to do this one. I give you the writing prompts but better still I break down why every single one of those prompts is important and how you can use it to connect and convert your ideal audience.

READ: ONLINE MARKETING STEP 1 and Download the Ideal Client Workbook



You want to build and email list and include a pop-up. If you have looked up anything about running a business online you have heard the “GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST” shouted from the roof tops. Why? Because it works. Because it worked back then, it still works now and no matter what algorithm changes you get to control how and when you show up for your audience.

This is powerful in so many ways. Seriously. Even if you don’t know what to ever say to them make the damb list anyways. Force yourself to send them something at least once or twice a month and research all the amazing things that this asset will give you. You best asset in online business. Hey you don’t have to be coming up with brand new stuff! Most everything has been said and one before anyways.

Don’t know your talent and what to write? So does 99% of everyone else. You can become an amazing resource. You can be the source that filters and finds only the best things and saves people hours or years of searching and trial and error. Share the best paragraph out of the latest book you read. An inspiring quote or an inspiring ted talks that relates to your business. Share a personal story or revelation that can help someone else who might be in that boat. Have you posted insightful stories on Instagram already? Share those! You might have loads of content and inspiration and help already written. (And only 6% or less of our followers see it anyways.)

Resharing content somewhere else is fine. You have permission and actually I recommend it.

Just freakin do it. Do it now. It can be messy and imperfect and simple. Good thing with email is simple is the way to go anyways. Use the pop-us the announcement bar and your footer or banner image as fields to deliver something of value in exchange for an email. Continue to provide value.



People don’t like to be guinea pigs. No one really wants to be the first to buy something unproven. 72% OF PEOPLE entrusted online reviews just as much as personal recommendations When a consumer reads a review they are 58% MORE LIKELY TO CONVERT.

Testimonials and reviews are the best way to show your visitors that people like them got great results. That they love their purchase.

Social proof is one of the most important parts of marketing and converting.

Having “Like Me” testimonials on your site increases these percentages. People want to know that it will work for someone in their situation, mental fortitude or with their body type etc. If your Ideal Client is a Mom with small children, focus on collecting and featuring those testimonials from other Moms with small kids. The people most like your ideal customer & client that you are selling to.


A 4 Step Guide to more Revenue + Free Email Templates To Get Good Testimonials Fast.
Learn 10 More places testimonials need to go other than your website.


With these 5 Things on your website you can startup or save your online business.

After changing your mindset and feeling comfortable check your website and see where you can improve these 5 things.
MARKETING STEP 1: Ideal Client Workbook to know what keywords your Ideal Clients are searching for and how to write copy to attract and repel.
#1: Keywords
#2: Photos of You
#3: Copy to Attract your Ideal Client and Repel the Misfits
#4: Create a valuable free offer and build your email list. Use pop-ups and in multiple places on your site.
#5: Testimonials –
Read this article to learn how to get great testimonials, how to use them and where.


You’re likely making still making 2 or more of The 10 Most Common Website Mistakes.


We’re going to understand why each is a mistake and then you will get a clear and easy step to correct each.



Hello! I’m Monica Fawn Orto. A solopreneur that specializes in Graphic Design, Squarespace Websites, Online Business Strategy & Marketing.

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