7 SECRETS to Self-Motivation as an Entrepreneur • Simple Ways to Stay Motivated


Are you wondering how to get and stay motivated? Do you ask yourself “What is holding me back?”

When you get up in the morning and think about work do you wonder… “How do I motivate myself?”

As Entrepreneurs we have a lot to answer to and do on our own, unsupervised. The one thing that motivates humans is not as present in your life any more. We have been genetically coded to be tribe members.

Social accountability and pressure has decreased or been eliminated from your life as a Solopreneur. Yes you may have customers, clients, family or even a team but you’re the boss.  You pay the most for postponing tasks and projects. You answer mostly to yourself.

You suffer when your consistency decreases, but you can forgive yourself and believe your own excuses. Right?


You need to know how to do the work even if you don’t feel like it.
I got you covered. My motivational strategies are coming up.

First here is how my fear and worry did something good for once, and actually helped me to become a motivation master.

Before going full time in my own freelance online business I was so afraid I would fail. Not because I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. I was afraid that I would lose my motivation and become lethargic and unproductive. Thus not making money and fail at being an entrepreneur. That I would have to come back to a boring desk job with no window.

I worked part time in my early 20’s and very quickly I became lazy, watched TV all day, ate cereal, never cleaned and slept in as late as I could before my significant other got back from his morning PT (Physical Training) in the Army and found me still in bed. Then…. I would go back to sleep after he had breakfast and left for work for the day.

More than a decade later as a grown up who had a passion to be an entrepreneur, I was still afraid of becoming that person again.

Early in my life it was acceptable to disappoint myself and to seek comfort and sloth; but never again would I let myself be lazy and comfortable in exchange for my dreams.

My fear for this outcome helped leverage me into amazing habits before I quit my office desk job to go full-time in my business.

Determined to not let this happen I bought and read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

It came highly recommended and to this day is still my favorite non fiction & personal development book.

Let’s start with the basics.
The simple but truly empowering changes you should start with.

Here are your new motivational strategies.
Pick and do any areas that you know you can improve on in just the littlest bit.




Hahaaa…. Ya, I had to start here. THERE WAS NO OTHER PLACE TO START!
So this has been beat to a pulp huh. Let me make it actionable for you and save you the stats of the hours spend on this and the average # of times a person looks at their phone. (It’s a lot by the way.) #lifewasted?

We have more distractions in this world than there has ever been. Stop beating yourself up for being unmotivated and easily distracted. Seriously stop it and pledge to never do that again, because you’re going to take these actions to improve your situation.

All done?
Cool, now we are going to actually do something about Social Media this time. Without action you are wasting your time, even reading this is a waste if you don’t follow through… Let’s make sure we make this a practice of motivation and action.

Our motivation is always highest when first being introduced to something.
Take action immediately and you never have to worry about not following through!


Delete the apps for social media from your phone. Yup you heard me! I DID GO THERE.
You can access it from a computer, you won’t die and neither will your friends or business account. It doesn’t have to be forever but while you up level your motivation and life it needs to go buh-bye for now.

Is that to big of a step? Ok here is your alternate choice:

Make a folder that says “I Will Be Present In My Life” Inside that folder put things like your mediation apps, kindle app or music and podcast app.

Inside that folder create a sub-folder that is named “Occasional Time Spent Here” Put your streaming services in there. Netflix, Hulu, Starz, HBO, etc. (should also be cut our for a while though!)

Create a sub-folder in this sub-folder that says “Black Hole Time Sucks”. In here goes your social media apps and You-Tube. And anything else that you need to not be spending time on during your mornings, work day or even lunch breaks.

Creating more steps to get to these things will help you become very aware of how deep down the rabbit hole you are going and to help stop it from happening on auto pilot.


You likely already can feel or know what time of day that you work best. Set a timer and make sure you start working at that time each day.

I’m a morning person. You might not be and that is ok. So work afternoons and evenings. (Or with kids and a family, anytime you can get right?!)

I can work well at 6 am and love to get my most important tasks done by noon every day

It doesn’t matter when you start but the secret here is to make sure you have stopped everything else and are ready to “clock in” and work when you have deemed is your best time of day. Just like you would have or you do at your desk job. Mentally check in to work and better yet write down your start time in your planner.

The other half of this secret is to do your most necessary and biggest tasks first. If you have to check emails as part of your morning, set a timer and do everything in your power to get through them in 15 mins or 30 mins. If you can’t do the ones that need a prompt reply and go back later.


Get out your planner or app and set a task to start work an hour before your best time of day starts.

You can also set an alarm on your phone. Name it something cool and fun like “Time to Kick Some Ass”.


A cluttered home or office makes for a cluttered mind. It’s been scientifically proven that cluttered spaces decrease our health and increase our stress levels.

I am no stranger to clutter. I used to have pathways through my rooms, closets packed like a wall, and clothes covering my bathroom floors so much that I never needed a rug.

Ok that was embarrassing to admit. I was young and lazy and wild and free…. And also very unmotivated.

Being unmotivated causes some clutter, which makes you even more unmotivated and creating even more clutter. Round and round you go digging yourself deeper and deeper.

Having discipline in my life has directly affected my motivation. Discipline is like my life love and motto.


Whatever space you work in needs cleaned up and maintained to a high standard, ALWAYS.

Do a 30 minute to 2 hour clear out and clean of your work space. Then always put things back where they belong or take 10 minutes at the end of each day to get it back to functional. Keep all surfaces as clear as possible. Little to no decoration and no paperwork and knickknacks. Those all go into files or drawers.

If you catch yourself tossing something and will “fix it or put it away later” STOP! Take the 10 seconds it takes to do it that very second. Don’t give yourself time to think about it or make an excuse. Catch it and do it.

I promise you that 99% of everything that clutters and accumulates in your home could have been addressed in 60 seconds or less in the moment it first appeared.


If I start a day unsure what I need to work on when I wake up it’s likely to not get done or is started late because little unimportant things will sneak in and get addressed first.

This work for work tasks, chores, working out. Everything!


At the end of each day before closing up your work space, plan out 2-3 things that you need to and will accomplish tomorrow.

Write them in your planner. When you are ready to work everyday open your planner before opening anything else. Read those things then decide if there is one thing you need to do first. (like check voicemail or email) If there is then set a timer, do the most urgent and when the timer goes off get on to one of your main tasks.

Yes if something urgent came up, take care of it! But do it consciously. Write it in to replace one of your 3 or add it to the top and do it first then keep going down the list.


Do you feel hesitant or resistant to doing your work? Are you afraid of something? Afraid it won’t be your best work? That it will “take to long”. Afraid to put yourself out there? Not feeling confident?

Avoiding doing something because of these fears gives them power. It in turns tells your subconscious that it is a valid worry or fear thus creating RESISTANCE to it. The more we resist something the stronger it become.

This is where our feelings of “I don’t want to.” come from.

By avoiding something or even hesitating it you’re training your brain to connect pain with doing that action thus making you not want to follow through on your intentions. Pains like discomfort, boredom, annoyance, embarrassment, stress and frustration.

Decide that those things will not rule your life choices and are not unbearable. Remind yourself that they don’t cause actual pain.


Write down all the things that you want more motivation to do.
Then under the 3 most important (or all) tasks answer these questions:

- What am I afraid of?

- What pain do I associate with doing this task?

- What pleasure could I have in doing this task?

- What pleasurable feelings will I have once I complete this task?


We know the fact that we are the average of the 5 or 10 people we spend the most time with.

Including my clients and family I have only about 5 people that are around me consistently….So that is a hard concept for me to alter.

If you feel that way you can surround yourself with successful and motivated people remotely like I do.

Reading books from the best personal development authors, listening to podcasts from high performing and successful people, watching their video series, courses or video blogs. Joining their groups, anything to consistently digest their energy.

Start being more selective about the people you communicate with frequently. Sometimes we don’t have a choice but you can improve any situation with responding more positively or by shortening the time and interaction you have with negative people. Cutting it out if you can.

Be an island in the eye of a hurricane. Choose peace and sunshine over panic, drama and distress.
(Yes those are my personal mantras from working in high stress offices for over a decade!)


Think of 1-2 people that really lift you up and have great energy. Especially people who are what you consider successful and have proven to be motivated. Make a commitment to see or talk to them more.

Think of 1-2 people that are the most draining and unhealthy to spend time with. Cut off your interactions or make short list of ways to improve your interactions and correct the energy that you share with them.

Make a commitment to set a higher standard and lead by example of appropriate behavior that you will conduct with them from now on. (Like no more wallowing, stress vomiting or drama – talking behind others backs.)


There are things we need to do in life. They could be painful or made more pleasant by our outlook and creativity.
Like listening to music or a podcast while doing dishes or laundry. Or sitting in a hotub, a beautiful park or in front of the fireplace while making calls. Cooking or pulling weeds with the kids or the significant other while telling stories, and singing & dancing to songs through the household chores.

How about changing something into an opportunity?! An opportunity might be all that is needed to break through to make something fun.

Ask yourself these questions if you’re having a hard time making something fun.
Changing your state might be all you need to do and really feeling into these questions should do just that!

A: What am I enjoying most in my life now?
What about that do I enjoy? How does that make me feel?

B: What am I excited about in my life now?
What about that makes me excited? How does that make me feel?

C: What am I committed to in my life right now?
What about that makes me committed? How does that make me feel?

Then ask yourself these questions from Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

#1: What is great about this problem or task?
#2: What is not perfect or fun yet?
#3:What am I willing to do to make it the way I want?
#4: What am I no longer willing to do to make it what I want it?
#5: How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessarily to make it the way I want it?



You wanted to learn how to get shit done and stay motivated right?

Printing off this list and committing to checking off everything on the list once you have practiced it is going to break through that resistance barrier and get filling in that rut you feel stuck in. I promise!

Taking ACTION on what you learn is the only way to get results.
Progress over perfection!




Hello! I’m Monica Fawn Orto. A solopreneur that specializes in Graphic Design, Squarespace Websites, Online Business Strategy & Marketing.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content and designs to best serve my online clients as a remote team member.

I live at base of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado.
I thrive on snowboarding, hiking, camping and traveling to warm tropical beaches to snorkel and scuba dive. I strive to live a naturally healthy, fit, mindful and minimal lifestyle.

With no consequences in life - I would live on Sushi and Italian Nachos