BATCHING YOUR WORKFLOW • Freedom from Overwhelm with my #1 Secret to Productivity

You’ll Learn:
How to increase your productivity.
What batching your workflow means.
How to make your own online business schedule.
How to create a workflow & batch anything in your online business or life.
What I do to manage my online business tasks.

In order to manage my online business myself, I need to group things together that are the same type of work.
If I don’t do this the overwhelm and juggling act begins. I used to be a master multitasker and proud of it. 12 years later… I realize that is not sustainable for my inner peace, anxious mind and creativity.

Solotaksing (aka monotasking) is my love now and will always be.




Batch working is putting tasks together. Instead of daily or weekly writing and posting on Instagram you work on it for a few days in a row then enjoy the rest of the month posting free!
Blog posts, social media posts, Pinterest pins… you know all the freaking things on the to-do list. Group them together!

I started batching my life a few years ago. Then it looked like meal prepping, and house chores. This freed up time for me to work out consistently every day after the office, 6 days a week for over a year. All while eating healthy on target meals in a clean house and creating handmade jewelry to sell after my full time office job. That was real I promise!

Those lessons learned back then have evolved into batching my online business work now. This is something that can be applied to every aspect of your life. But I’m going to share it in regards to taking on the mountain of tasks that a Side Hustler or Solopreneur can be crushed with.

Besides the work we do for money, marketing and running our own business takes time. It can be very overwhelming. So selecting a schedule and keeping a kung fu grip on it gets us out of the hustle & struggle ruts.
No matter how much people preach the hustle hard mentality I think we all deep down want to work smarter and happier. #nohustle



As you finish up your work for the day, write out 1-3 things that you will do for your business tomorrow. Do these things in the morning before the day gets away and the email madness starts. They won’t be the same things every day so write out what needs to be done on specific days of the week or days of the month and create your own weekly or monthly calendar.

Here’s an example of a weekly batch work calendar:


Content Writing might be articles, website content, emails for my mailing list or captions for Instagram.

Whatever I pick for that day I try to do writing for that one type of content. If it’s early in the month I might still be working on scheduling out all my Instagram posts.

Each day writing that content is on the to-do list until it’s done.

Then I will move onto writing my emails out for the month, then the blog posts when those are done.

This works best for my brain but you do what works best for you, ALWAYS!

Using tools like Tailwind allow me to schedule out content a month in advance. These Marketing Strategies should not be done live and chain you to your phone or computer!

My 1 hour of Education might be working through a course I bought, listening to podcasts, courses on, Skillshare or reading other blog articles. I like this at the end of the day so that if I can let it go longer I will.

Using tools like Tailwind allow me to schedule out content a month in advance. These Marketing Strategies should not be done live and chain you to your phone or computer!

You will notice the Education doesn’t happen on Wednesdays, that is when I have a hot tub soak, evening class or grocery shopping. And none on Fridays because, well it’s Friday and I want to pack for the weekend camping or snowboarding trip.

This is not set in stone. Don’t you dare believe I do this every week!
This is my foundation to build off of and it might change again in a few months.

The point of creating a schedule is to set intention to balance these large tasks weekly.

Something might come up that needs more attention but I know and decide that THE DAY BEFORE. Before I close my planner and computer each day I write out the 1-3 things I will do for my business in the first few hours in the morning. Then the 3 money making work related tasks that I will do that day.

This ties into the TOP 3 HACKS TO FAST TRACK YOUR BUSINESS. Read more about that here.

Once you know when tasks must be completed by each week or day in the month you can decide when you want to do them in the day. What I shared above works for me but it might not be a fit for you.

Decide what things get you excited and keep you motivated. Find the best place for them in your day. Maybe first thing in the AM so you can get pumped to rock your day out. Or save them to end your day with to feel confident, clear and renewed.

The best thing about this is it’s your decision and your schedule.
HELL YASS to being your own boss or working towards it. Every day!



Looking at your calendar of tasks that must be done weekly & monthly categorize them by the tasks you do to complete them.

  • Phone Calls

  • Meetings

  • Accounting

  • Graphic Design

  • Writing

  • Learning

  • Research

  • Post Scheduling

  • Website or Blog Post Page Building

  • Etc.


Decide how to group these steps of the bigger tasks together.

Do you need to make Instagram Images, Ads or Blog post graphics? Instead of doing that work intermittently through the week or month would you like to sit down for a few days in a row and knock it all out at once?

There are no rules. Figure out what works best for you by experimenting a week and month at a time.

This is what I do and it might help you stay more focused and give your mind a break at times.
Stay on top of your projects and work happier and smarter.

Here are two tasks broken down as an example.


Batch 1: Find all your images that you took or saved and crop them. Decide what you want to post next month.

Batch 2: Use A Google Doc or Word doc to arrange and plan your Instagram content. Make a spreadsheet 3 cells wide and 10 long (or more). Insert your square images into this so you can see how your feed is going to look. Once it looks sharp and arranged in the order you want, save it for when you’re ready to write.

Batch 3: On a content writing day type in the date to post it.  Add your message and hashtags. Save this doc.

Batch 4: Proof each “post” in your Google doc. Then use Tailwind or another scheduler. I love tailwind because it links together my best 2 Marketing strategies. Pinterest and Instagram.


The love of my online marketing life. The smartest way to schedule on Pinterest and Instagram.
Want to give it a try?

Use my affiliate link below and I might make a small commission off your subscription.

I know you’ll love it and feel free to email me if you ever have a question!
BOOM! You can have 1 month of content done within a few hours of clear and peaceful solotasking work.


Batch 1: Research Topics. Make a list of headline ideas and topics that you would like to cover someday. Save all for future writing even if you don’t want to do them now. Research what else is out there or supporting facts for your article. When researching what else is out there never copy or steal. Use it as inspiration and to set a base line of what you need and can do even better! Always strive to put something out there that is better than everything else.

Batch 2: Writing, writing, writing. Free write and make a shitty first draft. Don’t edit as you go that will be another day. Write down all the ideas, rants and facts.

Batch 3: Edit, organize and refine your writing. Then read it out loud. If you naturally change the words when reading it, make those edits. This is a great way to get your voice into your writing.

Batch 4: Build them into your website. Add your lines spacers and headers etc.

Batch 5: Find and create all the graphics and images you need for these posts. Make and upload them.

Batch 6: On another day be sure go back and read for a final proof and check. Check your tags your excerpt and categories. Schedule when it’s proofed and ready to go.


Can you see some similarities in these Batch tasks?

Writing, editing and images are a constant theme when creating content. If you group them together in a way that keeps you “IN THE ZONE” then you’re batching!

You’ll be so surprised how much faster things seem to happen and how less burnt out you feel afterwards. Keeping our brains on one task and not jumping around every few minutes is a beautiful thing!

Honesty here:
This does not happen every day for me. Some days, shit just happens, or you have an appointment or other life project to take on half the day. That is a good thing! Not something to be discouraged at or upset with changing your “schedule”.

This means that you can take care of you, your family and just let LIFE happen too.
It’s a blessing to have more flexibility. Maybe not as much as we want now, but it will come.

Taking on the big months projects and working ahead on content and marketing has made it possible for me to do these things myself. They were not happening before and I thought they only would if I hired a marketing assistant.

When that wasn’t going to work out I told myself to just think and work smarter. BATCH WORK. “Do this thing that I know works. I just need to take some time to figure out how to make it work for me!”
I encourage you to try this. I think your creative entrepreneur brain will love you for it!

Stay the course and just make sure that you are planning your days, not your days planning you.

Don’t let Netflix, Facebook, your Email or your Neighbor’s Chattyness take your precious time and burn it. You have the power to say “NO” and to cut away and be more intentional about your time.
When you set intention to your day and make a part of it about growing just a little more, you’re designing a life you love.

Design the hell out it! Stay in the driver’s seat!

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Hello! I’m Monica Fawn Orto. A solopreneur that specializes in Graphic Design, Squarespace Websites, Online Business Strategy & Marketing.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content and designs to best serve my online clients as a remote team member.

I live at base of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado.
I thrive on snowboarding, hiking, camping and traveling to warm tropical beaches to snorkel and scuba dive. I strive to live a naturally healthy, fit, mindful and minimal lifestyle.

With no consequences in life - I would live on Sushi and Italian Nachos