WAR ON PLASTIC • Branding for Bamboo & Coconuts



Just like we learned to say no to the creeper in the van offering us candy.

We as a society have been trying to "remember to bring" our free eco friendly grocery tote bags for over a decade. 

I am now so aware that my stomach sinks the moment I throw away a grocery bag or my favorite fast food restaurant puts a plastic lid on my awesome cardboard like food bowl because I need it "to go".

I was one of those "there are a billion of us doing the same thing, I am not going to make a difference" people. For way to many years.

I now know that every single plastic item makes a difference to that dead whale, bird and sea turtle on the beach. Maybe it was my plastic straw in it's nose or belly. 


I’m also happy to see all those spreading the word, making better choices and cleaning up our world.
One of my favorites happens to be my first official client as a freelance graphic designer.


Bamboo & Coconuts has helped turn the tide of my daily habits, and relationship with plastic and disposable materials.



Bamboo & Coconuts was born when this amazing couple went traveling to Southeast Asia in 2017 for a romantic vacation. 

Not so romantic was the amount of plastic rubbish seen washed up on the beaches and green spaces during this vacation. The impact of plastic on our beautiful planet had never been so apparent and it broke their hearts. 

They learned that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today.

That number rises every second, contaminating our oceans and poisoning every living organism.

They had a sudden passion for finding an alternative to plastic one time use items in our world.
The answer was not far from the littered beach they were visiting.

Asia has been using bamboo and coconut material as a staple part of their lives for centuries. It is sustainable, natural and beautiful.

A few months before their launch I started talking with Bex about the amazing products they discovered abroad. She became my first client and I couldn't have asked for a more awesome connection and company to create for.


How they felt about their design experience:

"Moessence Digital Design gave me confidence from the very beginning. She made our experience a breeze. Her communication was second to none and she showed a genuine interest and passion for our brand.

She is extremely motivated with an eye for detail and a passion to keep her clients engaged and happy at every step of the design process. I am so grateful that we found her and thankful for how attentive and supportive she has been through the process."

We feel reassured that our brand is not only unique to us but has relevance and harmony with the products we are selling. I am certain that any business that works with Moessence design will be extremely happy with their results.”



Learn more with National Geographic and A Plastic Ocean documentary.


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