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Holistic and mental health have both been strong influences in my life for years. Being mindful has changed so much in turning my life around in the last decade.

When Kyla with Thrive With Wellness reached out me to curate her be re-branding and Squarespace website I was honored. I was excited to represent her and help her re-brand and build a website to work hard for her.

She is such a great find in that her holistic health practice has a heavy focus on how our minds, thoughts and feelings play a front and center role in our health. It is an aspect that is sadly looked over in so many health practices. I have experienced this making the difference in my health and really connected to her project.

Kyla has reminded me that emotions are not just an invisible idea, they are physical molecules called neuropeptides. As we experience life we are constantly feeling different emotions. These emotions greatly effect our ability to be healthy and enjoy life.


Kyla felt that her previous logo was dated and she wanted help to automate her business and create a website that she was proud to send her potential clients to.

She also needed a website that included all the forms and information her current clients would need to access for different services.

She received questionnaires and guides to walk her through the process step by step so we could nail her new modern clean and natural branding. Then she worked through her keyword selection for SEO and she wrote out her goals and needs for the website.

She worked through guides that helped define what needed to be written to clearly communicate with her website visitors. She wrote her website content with assistance and feedback as needed from me. She was a rock star. She went in with determination and wrote her heart out.

During her creation dates I designed her wire frame to determine the layout and delivery of her content. Once that was spot on I made her 3 variations of a website mock up. This allowed her to make decisions on what photo concept we wanted to use and how we would like to implement her branding colors the best.

I enjoyed working with her through all the deeper thought and strategy’s that her website needed to really connected and converted her ideal clients. Her passion and commitment lit a fire and made it a very exciting and enjoyable experience for both of us.



After her creation dates Kyla came back to me as a VIP Client.

Together we created her Free E-Book Opt-In offer the VIP Cleint hourly rate.

This book not only helps educate the reader in how Emotions are Sabotaging your health but has the most important 3 steps to change your daily habits and stop the sabotage.

Download her FREE E-Book at
Read what Kyla's thoughts and feedback on her experience on my portfolio page.


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