MY VALUES & BUSINESS BELIEFS • Why I believe in you too

The world is changing. In the midst of some devastating environmental and human tragedy, there is a new hope and new movement brewing. Consciousness, and living with a purpose is rising. We are all on this planet together, even though we forget sometimes.

I believe we should all be the authors, artists and designers of our own lives. Passion, truth, resilience & compassion aligned with purpose to be the driving and decision making force for everything that we do.

I want to live in a world where our differences are celebrated.

Where beauty comes from the heart. Where love, compassion and understanding are our first reactions, our default. Where we can earn a stress-less living providing care and value to others and things we believe in.

Where results, value and sharing are spotlight over the disgusting definitions and perversion of perfectionism. Where physical appearances and the talents of others are exciting and awesome but never detract from the spark of other people’s (or your) gifts and talents.

Where comparison is not an evil or negative thing but a learning experience and inspiration. Where we take care of the amazing miracle that is our earth, our only home. Where we only use what we need & desire and burn the old “bigger & more is better” mentality to ashes.


Break the chains and mold of society...

Slay the giant monster of consumerism, dissatisfaction and defeat.

These come from a world that uses titles and salaries to define our worth and is crushing lives. Stripping the spark of uniqueness and humanity out of us, enslaving us and duping us into the stupor of a mass of cyborgs.

Follow your heart, dream big and set a path to realizing those dreams. It is simpler and less complicated than you think to design a life you love and have connection to.

The key to my freedom and spirit reborn is to help you rebels & dreamers out there with the tools and some trail markers to make your dreams a reality. I capture your essence and create the digital visuals and tools for you to share your unique spark with the world. With branding, logos, websites, ads, banners + more, I care for & get excited about your projects as if they were my own because they REALLY ARE MY OWN.

What does success mean and look like to you? Your personal, true to your heart answer.  Let’s create what you need to paint that pretty little picture.

Whether you are a start-up or looking to re-brand and grow your business or your voice and audience I am here and excited to come along some of the journey with you just like an outfitter and trail guide.

Entrepreneurs, photographers, coaches, speakers, earth saving product innovators, farmers, community supporters, teachers, and small business owners alike, let’s band together, align our passions and talents to design a life we love.


Let’s serve the world in the best way we can

while creating the means and time to take care of ourselves and families.

Please join me in rearranging the definition of success and how we add value and interact with our world and all our neighbors in it.

There are so many great books and resources out there but the first two I would ever recommend starting with is
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod & You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

I give credit to these two books for helping me manifest my dream of going from office prisoner to freelance designer in 5 months instead of my goal of 11 months.

These books will help give you the foundation of daily personal development and help you realize all that is holding you back. To reverse false beliefs that are not serving you anymore is the greatest weight lifted off your shoulders. It’s like stepping into a new dimension.

One that was always there, brighter, clearer and just running parallel to where you are now, waiting for you to step over at any moment.

It takes daily attention because we can move back and forth between the dimmer or brighter dimensions. We can choose which one we want to live most of our lives in but it is a conscious choice every day.

If you feel like you have your badassery and personal development growth stuff together I STILL SO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BOOKS. There is always room to grow and really start manifesting more and bigger miracles into your life.

I receive no affiliate benefits for recommending these books. Please do read them and share this post with anyone you know that might like and benefit from them as well.


We all have the ability through our thoughts, desires and actions to access the power of the universe and our true potential.
Every single one of us has had struggles and our own mountains to climb. If you are going through some now know that it is likely temporary and through this you can either fall or rise & learn.

Learn everything you can so that you can become the person you need to be to design a life you love.

Whether the going is easy or rough, especially when it is rough, the present moment is always an opportunity for us to learn, grow and become better than you have ever been before. We can turn adversity into an advantage by accepting all that is out of our control (past, present, & future) so that we can give ourselves the gift of freedom from emotional pain, root ourselves into our being, be filled with peace and live the life you truly want.

Doing the best with what we have and rising ourselves above the negative loops that have played in our heads in the past.

We can't manifest or accomplish goals and desires that we have not created yet.

Spend a few minutes each day reading, meditating or increasing your vibe and mindset. Don't let fear stand in the way of picturing what you want to go for in this life. Push your comfort zone a little each day and before you know it a big transformation will have happened in the area you are looking to improve.

I have worked with the most amazing people who are ready to reach, ready to invest, and have committed to making changes in their life, and in their business.

They are achievers and are looking to not just put something together to get by, but are ready to dig deep and not only build the right tools to grow their business, they are ready to understand the strategies behind it. Empowering themselves with knowledge gives them confidence, increases their decision making abilities and leaves them ready to hurdle this huge step with me then they are set to tackle the next.

I know that you can do this too, in any aspect of life you want to make changes in. Heath, fitness, family, relationships, work, travel, income, savings goals, purchasing a home, making an investment, or starting your own business.

You’re the only thing that that can stop you. You are just as worthy deserving and capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success as any one else on earth. Whatever you determine that looks like for you.

Light the fire of your desire and burn through any old habits and beliefs holding you back. You got this.

You have a unique gift and mind and can bring such value into the world.  Forget the fear vomit people or yourself will throw on you. Live as only you can. Share and give back what you can along the way.

Special thanks to Jenna Kutcher Jen Sincero Marie Forleo Hal Elrod & Timothy Ferris, for lighting up my life.

For helping me design a life I love and build myself up instead of tearing myself down.

For providing amazing value and empowering me to change my life in an easy and affordable way to do so when I was starting out from scratch. 

Jenna Kutcher & Monica Orto •  Jenna’s Instagram  •  Jenna’s Podcast & Website

Jenna Kutcher & Monica Orto • Jenna’s InstagramJenna’s Podcast & Website

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Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content, designs and be inventive to meet your needs.

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