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Your goals won’t be on the sidelines any longer. Get more done. Feel less overwhelmed and stressed. Feel like a professional - and like a real grown up.

You’re going to learn:

  • The Top 3 Hacks & Strategies from the Online Business Pros. Change your mindset and add a couple of routines to fast track you to the big leagues & fast track to your empire.

  • The Top 4 Tools I use to manage my online business. To best serve and really WOW my clients.

  • The 4 Steps to really use these strategies in your daily life

  • Plus FREE Copy and Paste Text to use in your business and personal life so Hack #2 is pure easy.

  • SECRET BONUS HACK after Hack #3.

    Let’s get started! FIRST YOUR GOING TO NEED THIS




Amy Porterfield (Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast) said something that really woke me the hell up.

She said that it took her 2 years to build her business how she had envisioned it, but should have only taken her about 1. She realized that she should have spent those extra hours building her dream rather than chasing a few more dollars with client work that was not aligned with her empire.


In the first 6 weeks of implementing this mind shift I did get quite a bit more done for my business:

  • Wrote & scheduled out a whole month of blog posts

  • Scheduled out 1 Instagram post and 12 Pinterest pins ever day for the next month.

  • Made my income goal for the 2nd time since becoming a freelancer (mind you this article is written in my first year). This is a big win!


That income goal? Ya, that was in November where I spent 6 days in the Bahamas, without a computer and not touching my phone.
Then flew back the day before Thanksgiving and spent 4 more days with family. SO EXTRA HUGE WIN.

It might not always happen that way but I had my mind concreted about what I needed to accomplish to have my trip & meet my goals.

So hey, was that magic? Yass! And you can have it too.

Just this shift and mindset, setting firm plans and having this crazy drive eliminated a lot of frivolous time spend elsewhere and kept me on my game.


This is also why I have found that my money planning habits and skills have been a blessing in making my transition. From fully employed with same-same checks, to being on a income roller coaster. I am not a fan of roller coasters but in this case it means I am more free so…

Learning how to plan for your needs on a month to month basis will make this easier.
Remember those Target and Hobby Lobby impulse buys and “I deserve this Starbucks & Dazbog coffee” moments?
Those are spending your freedom and can be set aside for much grander things!
Which leads me to:



Listening to Jenna Kutcher (The Goal Digger Podcast) also had some statements that had me nodding and slapping my hand on the steering wheel in agreement. In #69 - How to Graciously Say No (and Not Feel Guilty About it) she says:

“Every time I was saying yes to the small things, I was saying no to the big things.
The big things that change lives, that make a bigger impact on this planet. Saying no more has affected the profitability of my business by saying yes to the things that really drive income in my business and allow me to work from a place to rest.”
– Jenna Kutcher | The Goal Digger Podcast

“In my rampant yes-yes-yes-ing, I said no, without intending to, to rest, to peace,
to groundedness, to listening, to deep and slow connection, built over years instead of moments.”
– Shauna Niequist – Present Over Perfect


  • Knowing what your needs, desires and interests are ahead of time will help you to decide. If it’s not exactly aligned with your goals and dreams then release any FOMO and decline.

  • You don’t have to decide right away! This gives you the space to feel into it and not give a knee jerk yes or no that you might regret later.

  • Don’t turn your replies into questions. Be kind, but firm and clear. Don’t leave responses open to interpretation of something else.

  • Set boundaries and rules. Be consistent in your home or work life. If there is something you don’t do, like loan out money, or work weekends, set that standard. Stick with it and be a broken record to all the objections or “suggestions” surrounding their request.

    Keep reading for gracious scripts and copy & paste message templates below. ↡



You might know right away some things that are a time suck and not serving your goals and business well. But there are some very sneaky ones out there too. Be diligent. A mantra I have for these moments is “Eyes on the Horizon”.
It developed after Captain Jack Sparrow said “Bring me that Horizon.” I had a “Hell Yass! Me too! moment” in that movie.
My mantra reminds me to keep my head up and navigating for the treasure. Not getting lost by watching the waves roll the ship or detoured by nearby deserted islands.

Guard your time and mind from these little monsters.
When going into your email or your voicemail get strong on picking out the best things to say yes to if there are any that you should. And keep your replies direct and all encompassing of the topic. Eliminating as much back and forth as possible.

Don’t check your email often. Only reply to the urgent things first and save the random, more detailed stuff for after you met your daily needs and goals. Twice a day should be good.


It might feel like all the customers and clients need all the things NOW.
However you are in the drivers seat. Don’t let the client drive the car. You set the pace and schedule. You are the professional.
They want to be guided and they do want expectations set. Leading to a much better client experience.

Under promise and over deliver.
If you think you can have something done tomorrow say the following day instead. We get sick, we get tired, an emergency pops up. Carve out some space for life to happen and if it does then you are on track and no one’s the wiser.


Pick 3 things that must get done client or customer wise each day. If you don’t have 3, GREAT! Replace one with something you can do to further your empire.

Start your work first and after you hit your average daily income need, and those 3 things are done, switch gears. Pour your remaining time into building up your business and marketing the bloody hell out of it.


When you are ready to sit down and work, do one thing at a time.
Our brains work at a higher level and get less burnt out that way.
Our brains get into a mode of working well on one type of task. When the channel gets flipped, we don’t do our best work. We’re more drained at the end of the day.

One project at a time. Even one task for the project at a time.
Example: Social media planning. Decide how far you want to schedule out.
1: Find & edit all images at once. 2: Write all the content next. #3 Hashtag research & typing. #4 Scheduling

This might take one step per day, but it will save you a lot of time and brain juice.
This ensures you hit your scheduling goals. Creating a firm deadline & urgency because it you don’t make it there is no back up. Your feed will be silent.


Creating “artificial - not so artificial” deadlines and urgency like this is how all the things get done.
Without deadlines and urgency they slip through the cracks.

Be your own boss. Don’t let your own business deadlines slip because they are yours. Put it in your calendar like it was client work and make it happen.
If we don’t plan it our chance of getting it done by accident or magic is 0%.
This also works with customers, products or clients. Agree or set deadlines and stick with them.




We need a most excellent planner, one that minimizes all the notebooks and sticky notes.
I personally have used and recommend MY PA PLANNER. ( PA stands for Personal Assistant & it couldn’t be a better name!) 



  • This amazing planner walks you though several of the online business strategies and planning I have learned though several of the top educators. This is paper gold in here.

  • Plus it has space for goal setting and weekly reflecting on your accomplishments and room to improve upon. Helping me to reset that intention every week.

  • The weekly planner is designed so you can plan and see everything at a glance. There is a space for every goal, task, idea thought and intention. No need for additional note books or journals.




Find the all in one resource to automate & manage our business and clients. Less files, emails & back and forth.
More power to you and your client.

My secret weapon to being seen as a professional & providing
a world class experience to my clients over night?


Dubsado is my business & client’s best friend.
It’s a Client Relationship Management (CRM) software.

  • SEND emails, forms, questionnaires, proposals & contracts.

  • AUTOMATE Workflows, Lead Generation, On boarding, Subscriptions, Recurring Invoices, Workflows, Payment Schedules and more!

  • MANAGE Leads and Jobs, Tasks and Task Boards, Accounting
    Calendar Sync and Client Portals.

  • CREATE forms, questionnaires, templates of everything and lead generation. Apply to clients with just one click!


    So many tools in one place! They even give you legally legit contact templates to work from saving you hundreds!


Take your clients from leads to booked in just minutes!

Use my affiliate code to SAVE 20% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH
Use code: moessence




In 2018 I was looking to hire a VA or Social Media Manager.
I felt strapped for the money but knew that I couldn't grow without a content marketing plan.
Then I met:


The love of my online marketing life.


Within 6 weeks I went from 500 monthly views of my Pinterest content to over 500,000. On average I have 700,000 monthly views with 30,000 engagements a month. Doubling my website traffic.

I also was able to post to Instagram daily with only a few hours of time invested in a couple sittings once a month.
If you have a website and make sales online you need Tailwind.


It might be called Social Media Marketing but Pinterest is actually a SEARCH ENGINE.
Just like google except better because they are image focused.

I now can rock my online marketing strategy myself.
Have you ever felt the joy of having a month of your Instagram and Pinterest done in advance?
A couple hours a day for about 4 days and it’s DONE & DONE.

Here is a video of how to create pins of your content and schedule them in Tailwind:

  • SAVE TIME Bulk image upload. Drag and drop calendar. Multi board pinning. Smart Loop forever evergreen feature.

  • MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH Optimize your pins and posts when your audience is most engaged. Instagram hashtag finder tool.

  • EASY PRO SCHEDULING Browser Extension lets you easily create multiple posts from any site with one click - even repins on Pinterest and regrams on Instagram!

  • Affordable for small businesses and solopreneurs like us!

The smartest way to schedule on Pinterest and Instagram. Want to give it a try?
Use my affiliate link below and I might make a small commission off your subscription.
I know you’ll love it and feel free to email me if you ever have a question!




That sweet little tutorial video above? That has been the only way I have been able to effectively communicate with my clients about their projects. Saving billable hours, tons of screen shot shares, and providing the best customer service.


My favorite communication tool. I use it every day.

Google hangouts and Skype is fine but you can skip the need to constantly be scheduling meeting times and follow up email questions when you forgot something.

With Loom you can show & tell them everything they need to know. Then you watch and respond on YOUR SCHEDULE.
Loom is also compatible with Slack, the best pairing for a messenger system I have found yet!

I even ask my clients to record MY LOOM VIDEO to them and they comment and reply or point as needed. Almost like there is no remoteness to my work at all. Even if you have tried other screen recording apps I highly recommend trying out Loom.




Make google sheets of your income and expenses from the start. Track all income and expenses for each month. Keep a folder of all your receipts for business expenses. Dubsado and MY PA Planner also have great tools and resources to help you with this!

Add another sheet to track your website traffic, social media traffic, email list and website inquiry #’s per month.
If we don’t know where we’ve been we can’t best decide where to go! And what is working for that matter.


A - Empire Building: First spend a decided amount of time working on your business. We will never have all the things done but before everyone else gets our time and brain energy pour a little into your own cup first to keep moving the needle in your business. One task at a time. No channel changing back and forth.

B - 3 Tasks: Next prioritize goals and work. Only put three things that have to be done each day on your list (Client & Customer Work). Do those things first. One task at a time.

C - Time Sucks: Write down the things that time suck your day like social media marketing or emails and do those last. I check emails about twice a day. After I have done my own 1-2 hours on my business I just check for EMERGENCIES AND CLIENT FEEDBACK OR CHANGES / NOTES WHAT I WILL BE WORKING ON DAY ONLY. Short replies to only those who are urgent.
Then after I have done my 3 things for the day I go back in to reply and answer everyone else.

D - Self Care & Happiness: Write down a list of of things that will give you a short break from your day and make you happy. Dabble in a little side hobby or craft. Get outside and move your body. Meditate or read a good book.
Pick one each day. Get an alarm so you don’t get carried away. 20 minutes should be a minimum. No matter what is going on I know you can make 20 minutes to take care of you. Plan it and stick with it!

Yes I break my own rules and crap happens but this is my goal and intention I set every day.
Setting intention increases our chance of success 100 fold.


Open a Google or Word Doc and write out some email template questions and responses.
Think of the requests that you get that you need to say no to right now. Also write out any email topic messages that you may repeat with general questions or website inquiries etc.

Write a response for each. Then when copying and pasting you will only need 1 minute to tweak it (if needed) and add any additional helpful links or peoples contact info that might be able to help them instead.


I say way to much when I have guilt for saying no or declining a request. Especially when I am not prepared.
Remove the guilt and be honest. Remove the excuses or the extra details to explain yourself away.
This is your time, your life and your business, if we are being kind and genuine we do not need to over explain ourselves.

My Mom (always an amazing source of wisdom), Marie Forleo and Jenna Kutcher have all helped me with this and here are some suggested phrases that you can use if they fit and are genuine to you.

General No:

  • While this is not something I would like to do, I really appreciate you thinking of me.

  • I’m not available that day but would be interested in attending another time. (only if true!)

Work Related No:

  • This project is not aligned with my expertise and I am not the best fit for you. I must decline. I’m only taking projects on at this time that are within my specialties of _____________.
    It's an honor that you have considered me for your amazing project.

  • I’m not able to help you with this now. I think these resources or references might give you some assistance.

  • To better serve my current clients I’m not able to take on more work at this time.
    Please check back with me on ___________(time frame). I would love the opportunity to better serve you then.

  • This idea is not a good fit for me & my business goals at this time. I must decline.
    My focus is on _______ & _______. Thank you for reaching out and best of luck!

  • Messages should start right away with an acknowledgment of the request and your prompt & clear reply. Don’t ask them to come back or postpone if you really don’t want them to.

  • All messages should provide some encouragement and or a thank you when appropriate. Express consideration for the ask and let them know that they have been heard and appreciated.

  • Without a lot of time spent on research give them any links you have already saved that might be of help to them or some names and emails of someone who can help or might be interested in participating.


With a little practice, some routines and tools in place, you will feel more liberated and less overwhelmed.
This is how the pros, educators and our idols do #allthethings!

You won’t hit the end of a month or year and say
“What happened? Why did I not reach my goals or fullest potential? Where did that time go?!”

Soon with your attention on really big exciting stuff, you’ll find even more ways to make more margins for the very best things in life.
Once your tolls are in place and running like a well oiled machine you can keep your eyes on that empire because it’s coming!

I would love to hear how this helps you!
Send me an email or message me on Instagram to let me know what you have in store for your empire!

Stay the course. EYES ON THE HORIZON.




Hello! My name is Monica. I am a digital designer and online business strategist that specializes in custom branding and Squarespace websites.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content, designs and be inventive to meet your needs.

I live at base of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado.
I thrive on snowboarding, hiking, camping and traveling to warm tropical beaches to snorkel and scuba dive. I strive to live a naturally healthy, fit, mindful and minimal lifestyle.

With no consequences in life - I would live on Sushi and Italian Nachos