ONLINE MARKETING STEP 1 • Do this to get ahead of 75% of the Competition

Can you imagine, that you survived by shooting a bow and hitting targets. Pretty cool right. Just like Lara Croft or Katniss Everdeen….

Imagine that your targets were in a cave, you have no light source. You can’t feel & grab your targets and wrestle them to the ground. You only have a few arrows that you can shoot each day to hit your targets.
There are many tunnels in this cave, many different ways you can go, but it’s all up to you to make your way though and hit your targets.

This is exactly the setting for your online business when you are not equipped to shine some light on your targets. Hitting your targets is how your business survives.


Your targets are your ideal clients.

Customer’s or clients that are excited to pay for your products or services.


This is one of the many guides that all my clients work though before we do any work on their branding and website.
Step #1 to Marketing and your Online Business Strategy.

A step that many overlook or skip.
Then they spend lots of money and time wandering around in the dark missing their targets.

Its painful, it’s hard and it looses money one way or another.


If you have completed an Ideal Client Avatar exercise already I challenge you to do it again.

We don’t only explore the Ideal Customer Questions, I explain where theses details can become valuable to you.

When you think a detail about your IC doesn’t matter… I’m going to tell you how it does, and give you ideas of how to use it to empower your marketing strategy.

You won’t just go through the motions and say, “ok that’s cool but now what do I do with this information?”

You will know how all these details will be a torch and a map in your dark cave. You will find and nail those targets and your Ideal Clients.

You might be thinking that you don’t want to speak to just one type of person (or gender) or that this is going to hurt your sales or exclude some paying customers from your services.

Very logical thinking, yet this doesn’t happen. The opposite happens.

Brilliant business wizard & top educator Marie Forleo says…

“If you’re talking to everyone, you're talking to no one.”

If your branding, photos and copy is long, blah and universal then no one will love it, no one can connect to it and I am sure it would be very robotic. Your visitors will not remember you or what you are selling. Period.

With over 7 billion people on this planet we’re all going to have different needs, tastes and ways that we go about pursuing our happiness and dreams.

This should be something that is celebrated and makes people feel special and excited. Especially when they find the thing that is just SO right for them. That they are willing to pay the big juicy bucks to bring it into their life and feel like they are feeding their authentic selves.

But after all that… it’s magic. You will still have a diverse client and customer roster. Different ages, genders and industries. Those people who come to you are still going to be more aligned with your values and be in need of what you have to offer and how you offer it.

A better fit for you and them. They will value you more, see you as a professional in your field and be a fan.



Hello! I’m Monica Fawn Orto. A solopreneur that specializes in Graphic Design, Squarespace Websites, Online Business Strategy & Marketing.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content and designs to best serve my online clients as a remote team member.

I live at base of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado.
I thrive on snowboarding, hiking, camping and traveling to warm tropical beaches to snorkel and scuba dive. I strive to live a naturally healthy, fit, mindful and minimal lifestyle.

With no consequences in life - I would live on Sushi and Italian Nachos