Do you want to meet a designer that says “Oh my gosh. I love this concept. I love you. I love your products!”

If money were no object and you could have your pick of any designer in the world to assist you, would you take the leap?
Should you take the leap?

Well if money were no object I think all entrepreneurs like us would say “HELL YES! I want some help around here!”
So the question is when is the right time and how much is it worth to you?




Is there is a big part of who you who is missing from your business and you know you can be doing it better?
So you’re done with your current website that still sucks and you’re done being embarrassed when sending customers and clients to it?

You know there is so much to learn about online business strategy and design. Who has time for all this!
You want to jump the line and get it done NOW.
Not next year or never…

You want to speed up this growth time-line, yet build a business in a good way that doesn’t include a quick fix that needs attention all the time. Something that will pay for it’s self, am I right?
I completely understand that desire. It’s a good one.

So what is a good investment and when should you make it?



Pop quiz hot-shot. Get out a calculator and a note pad.
Write down all the possibilities and answers you can think of to these questions.

1: What could you be charging or converting in sales numbers if you had the branding and website of your dreams, and were delivering a luxury product and service experience. Plus marketing the heck out of it. Multiply that to see a year.

2: How much money would you spend on training courses and applications or software to be able to create the branding and website of your dreams? Now how much time would it take to go through those courses and learn those programs?

Courses run an average of $500 to $3000 and could be missing some ingredients of knowledge that would be specific to you, so you need a couple more at $150 to $400. You could easily spend over 300 hours and $5,000 to get a grasp on the material and strategy and design skills. If that is what you are passionate about. I say do it and go for it!

3: How much time have you or would you spend scouring the internet, learning; all the best online business practices, how to select stock photos, how to boost your SEO, how to copy write and market yourself, how you build a website and create all the business materials. Multiply that by your hourly rate (that you could be making if you weren't messing around with this stuff and have it done already).
Or think of all the family time or rest and relaxation you could have instead.

4: What is it worth, stress wise and emotionally, to not have to take on the pressure of doing it all on your own? Having a savvy confidant to help guide you and make decisions when you’re unsure. Someone to bounce ideas off of. To not feel alone in this?

5: How much is feeling proud of your brand and website for the next several years worth? What if it lasted the life of your company and grew with you?

6: How much more would you enjoy working if all your clients and customers were your ideal clients, no misfits?


I learned the hard way...

that we can leap years of learning and experimenting when people who are geniuses at what they do align with people who have a need that they can fill.

How much higher can we climb when we take turns giving each other a leg up? You serve and provide for others.

Let the professionals of other services provide for you.


My STEEP & EMBARRASSING learning curve:

I have a natural talent and quick ability to pick up anything artistic but when I decided to start wire wrapping jewelry lets say the learning curve was really steep, like a cliff.

I was desperate to make something physical other than a painting that was just hard to sell. I wanted to start making things people could use and that would have function in their life.

So I tried and tried on my own, I bought a book at a hobby store, I found every free tutorial I could find and I was still really embarrassed at my products.

I patched together a stand and did a booth in a store for the holidays. Open 7 days a week for 5 weeks. It was a bit of a traumatic experience especially because it was in the shopping center I was working in the management office for all my new coworkers got to see me.. starting from dirt, fumbling around in the dark on my own.

But after that I knew I needed to invest a little. I needed to up my game SERIOUSLY even just for this side hobby if I wanted to feel proud, make quality pieces and some profit.

So I bought a guide online about selling jewelry at shows, I bought tutorials from the best wire wrapping artist I found online and I put some serious dough into my displays. I bought better wire that was actually soft enough for intricate wrapping and got gold, sterling silver and genuine gemstones.

The next show I got more compliments and even though I was blushing and nervous I felt much less embarrassed. Even though I was afraid to show it, deep down I was pretty proud and liked what I was selling this time.

A year later, after getting rid of some limiting beliefs and feeling comfortable with accepting comments graciously and speaking to people confidently, I was rocking it.

I could free design awesome pieces, custom to the stones they were wrapping and had a large amount of inventory. My side hobby exactly paid (down to $25 left in the account) for the giant, stained and stone stamped concrete patio I wanted for my new house.

Talk about coincidences.

When we start working on what our issues are and just put some cash down to get a leg up, we take leaps in miles instead of crawling for inches and feet.

Think of it as strapping on a jet pack instead of hopping to your destination on a cheap pogo stick.

When the stars aligned and I discovered how I could channel my artistic drive to making functional and life changing art with Branding & Website Design, you better believe the lessons learned above were and are still upheld. I remind myself of them daily. 

I hesitated a little, seriously I think we all do. It’s ok! But I pushed through spending what felt like piles of money in the beginning knowing that it would accelerate my progress. I had no time to try a truck load of half-assed suggestions and re-invent the wheel.

You can get a kung-fu grip too and feel confident in make decisions around your business when you have the guidance & understand the strategy behind your brand and marketing.

I know my next steps, am always on the lookout for something new or a better way, and will never stop investing in myself, my business and my life. I am a learner for life and love to use all of my brain to create for my clients. Not just the artistic Georgia O’Keeffe side, that critical thinking Einstein side too.

If you really don’t have the funds now that is ok. Get creative, increase your aspirations and energy and get what you need to design the life you love. Work on those goals and dreams every day. Your time is just around the corner.


Hello! My name is Monica. I am a digital designer and brand strategist that specializes in custom branding and Squarespace websites.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content, designs and be inventive to meet your needs.