With all these amazing website platforms out there like Squarespace… When is it a good idea to hire a website designer? Do you even need to?

This may sound crazy, and you might be wondering why a digital designer would say this… but

Take it from me, I should actually BE the one to say this. I know my clients and I know when I can provide the best service and results for them.



is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

I don’t just build just a “pretty” website though. There are other designers out there than can help you with that at any time. I work with clients who are ready to have a better understanding of their business, their audience and create an online business strategy based off that new understanding.

In order to do that….

You need to have been in business. There is a right time to invest bigger funds in an amazing & professional designer and it’s not usually when you’re just starting out.

I am not saying that I can’t get you to a higher level faster and it’s not worth the money, I’m saying that you will get more value out of working with a designer like me after you have been in business for a while.

You will have a better understanding of your market, how you want to position your business to your ideal customers and clients.
Also knowing who those people even are.

You can hire a designer from the beginning, it’s a good investment if you have the funds to make it happen. I also recommend that you should reevaluate the need to redesign, write better content and strategize a year or so down the road as well if you are just starting off.

So if funds are tight I recommend starting off with Squarespace on your own because they are the best platform to handle by yourself. Their smart platform makes things easy and keeps things well designed and cohesive. READ: WHY SQUARESPACE: THE TOP 5 REASONS WHY I CHOSE TO BUILD SQUARESPACE WEBSITES FOR MY CLIENTS

A beautiful website makes your business look more legitimate and a well-designed layout improves your visitor’s experience. You can achieve that on your own with Squarespace and some learning and playing.

Going it alone, I recommend purchasing some online courses and take the time to learn the ropes and some strategy yourself. A good design works… but your content is king. Your words and images must connect and engage your ideal clients, not just look nice.

If you have the funds to hire a Squarespace Website Designer & Online Business Strategist you can make leaps and bounds that might otherwise take many months or more likely years.

You can have a coach and mentor by your side to bounce ideas off of, educate you and spend the time doing the work while you do something else very important for your business.

Hiring the right designer is never bad idea. You just need to know when the time is right for you.


A good design and strategy works, ONLY IF YOUR BUSINESS WORKS. Your branding, website and marketing are just tools. (The most important online business tools, but still tools.)

Your website is not your business. Your business is what you can offer your ideal clients to meet their needs and solve their problems.

If you don’t have a great product or service it doesn’t matter what your website looks like at the end of the day. Build up your product or service and have it hot & ready to serve your clients and customers in the best way you can before hiring a designer.

If you do that first, when you do hire a designer, you’ll get the right guidance and design. One that will last you years or possibly the lifetime of your business. Your experience of working with the designer will be so much more relaxed, thoughtful and powerful.

You’ll have more clarity towards your goals and your tools will be all the better for it.

Our businesses will always be evolving but having your foundation and pillars built strong first is the key.

Focus on serving whoever you can now in the best possible ways. Ask them questions and have them give suggestions and reviews on how you can make your product or service even better. Perfect your workflows and service. All the pretty branding and websites in the world are not going to give you a valuable product or service.

Set your sites on the things that are going to set you up for success in the right order. It’s ok to get some tunnel vision and not do all the things all the time, especially in the beginning.

Feel though your decisions. Don’t just react based of what you think you need to be doing. You and your business are unique and your path is going to be different than others. It should be. Don’t play the comparison game.

I love to learn where my client’s roots took hold and who they are reaching their branches out to.

It is so amazing and such a joy to work with other people who are finding their own path and giving the world their best gifts and ideas. Following these passions that make them feel alive and excited.

Enjoy your journey. Find your path and light and when the time is ready I will be here sharing all I can to help you make those dreams and goals come alive in the digital world.



Navigating all the details to build a freaking amazing website can be daunting & overwhelming.

Use this to guide to proof & edit your site like a pro and keep your visitors on your website longer.



Hello! My name is Monica. I am a digital designer and brand strategist that specializes in custom branding and Squarespace websites.

Coming into digital design with a background as an artist strengthens my ability to to create original content, designs and be inventive to meet your needs.