13 PLACES FOR YOUR OPT-IN FREEBIE • Grow your Email List & Increase your Traffic

What you’ll learn:
- How to grow your email list using an Opt-in Freebie
- Where to put an op-in newsletter signup form
- Ideas for an E-Book cover & graphics
- How to use freebies to increase your website traffic – by 4x or more!
- 13 Places that you might have never thought to put your opt-in incentive

I bet you don’t have it in #9 or on lucky #13!


In order for this to work you need to make a nice cover for your freebie to hook your audience and get those clicks! It doesn’t have to be complex or fancy. (In truth that will make it less successful.)

Here are some nice examples:

Use these templates and many more on   Canva  .

Use these templates and many more on Canva.


You can show your cover graphic next to the email entry form to show your visitors what they will get. This creates more excitement and helps them visualize the value of what they will be receiving. If you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use Canva to create an attractive cover. Canva is free!

If you do use Photoshop I recommend making your flat cover 3 dimensional if it’s an e-book or workbook. I use this site for easy and free book bock ups. VISIT COVERVAULT


Create a few additional images to help promote this opt-in freebie for the

Other than your cover (8.5x11” or 8.5x14”) I recommend making these sizes of graphics

  • 800x1200 pixels – Great for Pinterest

  • 800x800 pixels – Great for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

  • 1200x627 pixels – Great for ads on Facebook and Instagram

You don’t need to create a different freebie for each of these following locations. It takes someone about 7 times of seeing something to take action. Some of the best in the biz only have one opt-in incentive. They have made it amazing and it works year after year.

Create a freebie that aligns with what your specialty is and answers what your visitors are looking to achieve.

Having trouble knowing what to create?

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#1 • Hero Banner Image on your Website

Your top banner on your home page is called a Hero Banner for a reason. You want to tell your visitor exactly what they landed on and entice them with an amazing freebie in exchange for their email.

#2 • Pinterest & Tailwind

Your freebie (and all your content) must be on Pinterest.
No matter what you do or what you sell.
Pinterest is not social media, it’s a search engine and one that gives me >75% of my website traffic.

I prioritize my time in creating and sharing my content to Pinterest over any social media channel and it’s moving the needle unlike anything else in my business.

Your opt-in freebie needs to live here and be re-shared every few months. Tailwind helps make that easy and increases my reach in only a couple of hours per month.

Dripping and pinning these images doesn’t have to be done manually every few days. I couldn’t keep track of all my pins and boards without my Tailwind app. It’s saved me from losing days and weeks of my life to Pinterest and social media posting.

Schedule some pins for free with my affiliate link here: TRY TAILWIND FOR FREE

In three months my Pinterest account impressions grew from 550 monthly views to over 1.5 million and 4.5x my website traffic. Freebies are the best things to share here because they’re evergreen. Meaning they don’t become obsolete or outdated over time.

#3 • Social Media Accounts

Consistently share your opt-ins on your social media channels. If you have a responsive following and are spending time on content here then I recommend sharing your Freebie often. About 6% of your followers see your posts, and it’s been said that it takes the average person about 7x of seeing something to take action on it.

Don’t be shy or feel like your being spammy to keep mentioning your freebie… A LOT. It’s valuable to the person who needs it and it’s free; so you’re not being salesy. Share it from the roof tops!

#4 • Video Recordings & Descriptions

If you’re doing a Facebook live or a YouTube video that remotely relates to your freebie, mention it! Mention your freebie at the end of your video and include the link to your opt-in form in the description or comments. If someone has found anything valuable, they will likely want to hear more from you.

Video is also great because hearing your voice or seeing your face is a great way to increase the Know, Like and Trust factor. These people will be even more comfortable with giving you their email in exchange for more valuable content.

#5 • Pop Up, Light Box or Scroll Box

Let go of the belief that you are annoying or inconveniencing your visitors with a pop up. Do you think that as soon as they see a popup they are going to close your page and never return? No, they will just click that x button if it doesn’t interest them and get back to what they were doing.
If it serves the reason why they are there they think… “Oh! This is neat. I want that too…”

Boom you have another subscriber and have given them another reason to like your site and find it valuable. Pop-ups have a bad wrap, but should get more love. They work well when done right. Think of them as a really good Call To Action. Getting your visitor to make a decision and act on it right away.

#6 • Website Footer

If a visitor has hit the bottom of any page of your website that means that they’re interested in what you are saying and offering. Every time they get through a page they’re an ideal candidate to be on your email list.

Capture them with an awesome freebie, something intriguing and that everyone who is your ideal client or customer would be interested in getting or reading more about.

#7 • Blog Posts & Articles

Most of your visitors will be coming through a blog post. They have not yet had a chance to see your home page and need to be shown your freebie. It’s common to add a freebie opt-in at the bottom of a post but don’t hesitate to put one in the middle of the content. Wherever it best fits based of what you are talking about or even place it at a transition. Where you change a subject or before your start your how-to steps or list.

Is this familiar? It should be! If you want an example, I just DID THIS ABOVE IN THIS ARTICLE. It was a transitional spot and related.

#8 • Facebook Ads

If you want more bang for your buck, change your ads, or add another campaign that is just promoting your freebie. It’s going to cost you a lot less to capture people who might be interested in your service or product if you give them something of value first.

If you sell anything over $35 I would highly recommend using half or more of your marketing ad budget to promote your freebie and get people on your email list where you can further the relationship and increase your conversions.

Increase your ROI - Return On Investment - by making your Call to Action or ask very simple and small. The smaller, the easier it is for them to say yes to. Giving them something for free in exchange for an email is an easier step for them to take than to visit your site and make a purchase right away.

#9 • Email Signature

Every email you send should include a way to further serve and connect with this person you’re emailing. They are already in touch with you and likely already feel comfortable and interested.

Especially when your inbox gets to monster level. Let your freebie piggy back on all the time spent managing those emails. Time in your inbox will start working harder for you; without creating any more work for yourself!

#10 • Email Welcome On-boarding Series

If you have more than one freebie or newsletter sign up form you can send the rest of your freebies to your new subscriber.

If they have said yes to one thing and you have more to serve to them, don’t assume they will go and get it from your site themselves. Drip your other freebies so that you know that everyone on your list has gotten everything you offer. Everything you worked hard to create that will increase the value and joy they get from your emails.

Even include some links to other blog posts that relate to why they signed up for the first place and that you know they would find valuable.

Drip these so that they are not overwhelmed with content. Curate it so that it’s personal to them and the reason they signed up for your first email.

#11 • Hello Bar & Announcement Bar

That thin and colorful bar at the top is great for announcements. If you don’t have a special sale going on or limited time offer on something, put your freebie up there. If you sell products putting a % discount here (the code is delivered AFTER they opt-in for your email) for a customers first purchase is a successful strategy. It’s a good offer that doesn’t need visual support to be enticing like a worksheet or book.

If your freebie is a book: Use words that describe a specific result your freebie provides. Don’t just list the name of it.

#12 • Sidebar

If you have a side bar this is another high converting place to put your freebie. Like a header or footer, it will catch your visitor on any page they land to make sure they know about your freebie and can sign up.

#13 • About Page

If you check your google analytics you will notice that your About Page is one of the most visited pages on your website. If someone is interested in learning more about you and your business, then they’re ideal to get on your list.

If they have resonated or connected with what you have said here, then THIS MOMENT is the one to ask them to take this action. The sign-up rate here will be higher and adding more vetted and ideal customers to your list!


Action Steps:

Pick 2 of these areas that you don’t already have your freebie listed in and go add them right now.
Don’t get hung up on having the prettiest graphic or redoing anything. Take exactly what you have and share it. You can update it later, but don’t lose out on the views you are getting now or the opportunity to get a few more emails that you wouldn’t have had from sitting on this information. Or you can be a superstar success and make sure you have all 13!

If you don’t have a freebie yet read this article and download the workbook so that you can create a lead magnet that is on fire!
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If you do have a PDF and need to know how to make a PDF URL in Squarespace

Taking ACTION on what you learn is the only way to get results.
Progress over perfection!



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