You're missing your Unique Selling Point • HOW TO USE SELECTIVE FOLLOWING • [VIDEO]

I am not sure if you already know this.... because we haven't known each other long.

But I had based based my business and offerings off of what other people were doing in my niche.
For the first year of my online business I was struggling to CREATE AN INCOME.
I missed my strengthens and unique gifts.

Use selective following to unchain your self imposed limits.

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Monica Orto

Why is your gorgeous website or social media feed not successful?
Do you think yours has to be as pretty as the pros to make you money or grow your following? Oh Hell No!
As a graphic and website designer I have seen overly designed and complicated website go wrong, over and over again.

There are 5 reasons why you are not getting more followers or making more money online.

  • How to make your website stand out, might not be the way you think you need to

  • The secret to website copy or Instagram posts that increase your engagement, email list and make more sales.

  • Your viewers want to be bossed around! What a CTA and how to use it to be successful online

  • How you can make a net to keep your visitors from getting away

  • The #1 mistake when you have a website and social media accounts and exactly what I recommend my clients DON'T DO

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Monica Orto
8 HACKS • To Be a More Creative Entrepreneur

Whether in creating products or services or in marketing, copy writing and design, creativity plays a vital role in our pursuits and our difficulty in accomplishing them as entrepreneurs.

  • How can entrepreneurs improve creativity?

  • How to boost creativity in your business.

  • How to be more creative in writing.

  • How to be more creative in art, in life & thinking.

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BE CREATIVE • 7 Reasons why we struggle with Creativity & How to be more Creative

Is the lack of creativity hindering your potential and making life more difficult? I make my living from my creativity so understanding what the most common creative blocks are and how to overcome IS MY JOB.
Understand how to overcome the 7 common reasons you have a creative block.

  • What is creativity?

  • How do I become more creative?

  • The importance of creativity.

  • And how to conquer a creative block.

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6 TIPS • Pick the Right Stock Photos For Your Website

These 6 tips have you covered.
When you know what works, and what to watch out for, you can DIY with stock photos. I promise.

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IS LESS REALLY MORE? • Offering too many Products? Wondering when to Fire a Client?

Are you wondering:
- How to get more time or space?
- When to fire a client?
- If your offering to many products or packages?

How to analyze your revenue sources. Create more space. Decide what to keep and what to let to go with the step-by-step guide.

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TRAVEL THE WORLD AS AN ENTREPRENEUR • Interview with Chase for Adventure

Chase for Adventure answers:
- Sell everything to travel the world
- Balance work, marriage and travel
- How to get started on your dreams

Interested in learning how to be location independent or a digital nomad?
There’s more!

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SELF-MOTIVATION MASTER • Achieve Your Goals and Design a Life You Love in 4 Steps

Are you asking yourself:
- How do I get and stay motivated?
- What is holding me back?
- How do I motivate myself?

How my fear turned me into a Motivation Master and my 7 Simple Secrets for you to become one too.

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HOW TO EMBED A PDF TO SQUARESPACE • Grow Your Email List with a Lead Magnet

What you’ll learn:
- How to insert a document into Squarespace by uploading a PDF file.
- How to create a URL for a Opt-In Freebie.
- How to include a Lead Magnet for an email opt-in.
- How to link your PDF URL to an email campaign

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13 PLACES FOR YOUR OPT-IN FREEBIE • Grow your Email List & Increase your Traffic

What you’ll learn:
- Ideas for your e-book cover & graphics
- How to grow your email list using an Opt-in Freebie
- Where to put a free op-in newsletter signup form
- How to use freebies to increase your website traffic – by 4x or more!

I bet you don’t have one in #9 or on lucky #13!

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HOW TO BATCH YOUR WORKFLOW • Freedom from Overwhelm

You’ll Learn:
How to increase your productivity.
What batching your workflow means.
How to make your own online business schedule.
How to create a workflow & batch anything in your online business or life.
What I do to manage my online business tasks.

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MASTERING TESTIMONIALS • 4 Step Guide to more Revenue + Free Email Templates

You’re going to learn

Why You Need Great Testimonials
How to Get Great Testimonials – with free copy and paste email messages
How to Edit & Refine Your Testimonials For Bigger Impact
Where to Use Testimonials – 10 More places they need to go other than your website
+ Plus Free Email Template Copy

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WHY SQUARESPACE • Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose To Build Squarespace Websites

“Should I chose Squarespace?”
Squarespace is the best choice to create the website of my client’s dreams.
My top 5 reasons are inside. I bet you won’t guess #4.

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THE TOP 3 STRUGGLES • Entrepreneurs have their 1st Year In Business

Lessons learned starting out as a solopreneur. Lessons that could have saved a lot of time and trouble. I know we all have some of #1 & #2.
You must read #3. This is what will make or break your business.

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