WHY SQUARESPACE • Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose To Build Squarespace Websites


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is an all-inclusive website builder that allows you to build a fully functional and beautiful website without code or plug-ins. It’s called a drag-and-drop platform because there are blocks that you add and move around onto your page to add your content.

These are smart fields that automatically move and resize to become mobile friendly. That means keeping your site looking it’s best on any size screen.


With all the website platforms to build a website on and lots of free ones that can come with your domain it might be hard to choose or even know where to begin. I don’t recommend using the free ones or free ones that come with domain providers.

Several of my clients have come to me from using these Free Sites. They were having difficulty making them professional looking or having the fully optimized site that they needed to grow their business.

Starting at $12 a month you can have a site that is going to work so much harder for you and your business than a free platform. CLICK HERE for current Squarespace Pricing: https://www.squarespace.com/pricing/


I have played with and taken paid courses that include the top website platforms out there and it was an easy decision for me to pick Squarespace as my specialty. I knew that Squarespace was going to be the best choice to create the website of my client’s dreams.


#1 Easy To Use & Cleanest Interface

Squarespace is the one if the easiest to use and has the cleanest interface.
(Interface is the backend or home for building your site)

There’s a learning curve with everything. Squarespace does have one, but it’s very short.

The back end of Squarespace is easy to navigate and changes will take place site-wide. Eliminating the need to change a design setting (like size, type and color of font) to every single text block on your website.

You can change your template at any time and all your content and settings will be applied to the next template. Only leaving a few alterations or tweaks needed instead of starting from scratch on many other website platforms out there.

My clients want to keep it simple. Such a great way to set yourself up for success!

#2 Support

I trust Squarespace to take care of my clients long after I have designed their website. They have the best in class customer support.

With instant chats their friendly team actually looks at your pages to see what you are talking about. And that is if you even need to chat with them. Most all questions are solved by their articles. These articles get more updates that any I have seen and include step by step examples, photos and videos to explain everything. Just awesome!

#3 Mobile Friendly

With the click of a button you can see how Squarespace’s smart platform will rearrange content to the width of any device or monitor screen. It will keep your content and images in the most presentable form and in the proper layout with no extra work.

You can also see what a page will look like on a phone or tablet by switching your view at any time while working with your site.

With at least 50% (up to 95%) of your website traffic coming from mobile devices it is just as important to have your site easy to navigate and read from these devices. No need to design alternate layouts for mobile pages.

#4 Secure

This is not commonly thought of and might be the last thing on your mind when picking a website platform. This is something that is so important in every facet of our online lives including your website.

I have read many reviews and business stories using each platform and several have reported loopholes in plugins and widgets that allowed hackers to get in and use the back end of their website without them even knowing it.

Squarespace includes all these tools in their platform so there is no need to open yourself up to security weaknesses. You don’t have all the choices in the world, but you will have the confidence knowing everything is secure and will not break or become incompatible with something else down the road.

#5 E-Commerce Awesome

If you’re not yet selling digital or physical products but might in the future…. Knowing that Squarespace has a simple and easy integration to add an e-commerce store gives you peace of mind.
Knowing that you can grow and invest my time on the same platform without having to make a change later.

As a graphic and website designer I need to be able to assist a wide variety of online businesses with their branding, websites and marketing.
Squarespace will fully support a client who needs an e-commerce store and my next client who has a service-based business.

Squarespace is not for everyone but if you need help deciding on a platform make a list of all the functions that you need your site to have now and in the future and check to see if Squarespace can support them.

WordPress might be the #1 builder in volume, but most of the businesses who use it have hired a developer and continue to work with that developer long after the site has been built.

If someone like me, with skills and passion for digital design and websites doesn’t want to deal with updates coding and plugins on Wordpress I’m sure that my clients will also be so much happier not dealing with that as well.

It can get costly purchasing and plugging in all the features you need to have on your website. Complicated using code to get them all in and making sure they are compatible. You will certainly be spending time on maintenance with updates for each of those plugins and templates as well.

Many people using WordPress need to have a web developer go in to makes changes, updates or fixes. You can go in and change your words around and add a new page or image with just a few clicks of the mouse.


If Squarespace is still a little daunting to you right now don’t worry. Squarespace has a short learning curve and I will be here to get it to perfection for you and show you how to make those changes and add things yourself. Then with a fully built and designed website and a strong strategy in place, you have a solid foundation to work with right from the start. No need to mess with and constantly make changes to your site “Trying to get it just right”.

You can just keep adding great content and offers to build your traffic and long term marketing strategy.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to just know it’s done and be able to move on to even better things for yourself and your business?





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WHY SQUARESPACE • Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose To Build Squarespace Websites
WHY SQUARESPACE • Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose To Build Squarespace Websites
WHY SQUARESPACE • Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose To Build Squarespace Websites