How to Make a Simple Website & Instagram Feed Successful

Why is your gorgeous website or social media feed not successful?
Do you think yours has to be as pretty as the pros to make you money or grow your following? Oh Hell No!
As a graphic and website designer I have seen overly designed and complicated website go wrong, over and over again.

There are 5 reasons why you are not getting more followers or making more money online. I break them each down simply here.

  • How to make your website stand out, might not be the way you think you need to

  • The secret to website copy or Instagram posts that increase your engagement, email list and make more sales.

  • Your viewers want to be bossed around! What a CTA and how to use it to be successful online

  • How you can make a net to keep your visitors from getting away

  • The #1 mistake when you have a website and social media accounts and exactly what I recommend my clients DON'T DO

Don't be sad or frustrated, THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD NEWS!
News and proof that you don't actually have to compete with the fancy and overly designed websites or perfect feeds to be successful.

I know right?! Why would a graphic and website designer say this?!
Watch the video to the end and download your free e-book below if you have a site or are thinking of creating one!

Monica Orto