IS LESS REALLY MORE? • Offering too many Products? Wondering when to Fire a Client?


There comes a time in your life that you need to make MORE SPACE for yourself right?

Or at least MORE SPACE for what really grows your business or takes care of your family.

You have so many ideas and passions but when it comes to completing or pursuing them you can get so drained sometimes right?

Everything becomes exhausting and you’re close to the edge, and being frustrated by a heck of a lot more things than normal.

Our focus and energy work exactly like a lazer.

When the beam is wide spread over many projects it doesn’t cut very deep, if it cuts at all!

When narrowed to a very fine point it cuts all the way through.
Gaining momentum as it goes and you can feel satisfaction consistently as you move forward.


We can put a lazer focus on a few things each day in different areas of our life. You know how it feels to try cutting to many pieces at a time in day through right?… It’s not good.

You and your lazer gets burned out and sloppy.

I’m there right now myself. I have a challenge for you and I to do together!

I just did this early last week. I felt pretty fed up in a moment of pressure to take on more work that didn’t fulfill me, with a client that was not a good communicator and whose projects got strung out… I decided to USE THIS FRUSTRATION AS A SIGNAL. I used it to help me narrow my lazer. I rode that ballsy peeved emotion and played a REAL BOSS BABE. You can too!

I know I felt like this certain client and project was a bit of a sand-pit and decided to check if that really WAS THE case.

How do you know when to fire toxic clients?

I looked at where all my money was coming from in the past 3 months. You can do 6 or 12 but I have had so many big changes in the last 3 that more would have not painted a clear picture for me.


List all your revenue sources, different products, platforms, clients, jobs etc. Then the total $ that was brought in the past year, 6 months, or 3 months. Some might not be making any $ yet… still include them on the list.

Find out what piece of the pie they are contributing. Do that by taking Sour #1 / total income x100.



Next rate each source in order of what takes the most time to make that $. (if they take different times to manage) For Clients I would consider all the back and forth emails, calls and waiting for replies.

Step-2-firing toxic-clients.JPG


Now rate them in the order that makes you most happy.



Star the ONE THING that aligns with your business goals and dreams the most. Even if it kinda sucks in come wise right now. Play the long game here. Eyes on the horizon!

Do some comparison here and see what is taking up a lot of time but might not have good rewards attached. If it makes you happy that’s great but if not… I challenge you to close up that window.

Black out the one thing you will say no to right away and take off your plate.

Cross out the next few things that you want to offboard very soon.


Do you see how the blacked out line not only was one of the lowest percents but was #4 on time and only #6 on the joy scale?

It won’t always work out that way but use this as your scale to feel into what you want to say goodbye to give you more time to focus on what’s important and what’s working.

If you have something that you enjoy that doesn’t bring in much money (yet) like the starred item here, then you need to decide what will be best for you and your business moving forward.

What is your 5 year dream for your business? Does this align with that dream?

Make the best decision you can right now. That’s all we can ever do.

As long as we’re making decisions knowing the facts and take only a short time to analyze, then we will be on the path of constant and never-ending improvement. Designing a life we love.

Say good bye NOW or say NO when your blacked row comes up again.

Over diversifying in offers or spreading yourself to thin will keep you from great success in the most important areas of your life. The ones that matter. That goes for your health, personal development, family and your business.



I had one source stand out as a leaker. I deep down knew it was and it’s been there for over a year now.

After my analysis described above I immediately wrote an email to close work with this individual. I plan to slowly work up my list so that all my energy is in the 3-4 areas that are the best.

How to say good bye to a client or team member you no longer wish to work with. (get this email ready or just hit send on it today!)

• Be very clear and don’t leave an opening for a rebuttal.

• Don’t apologize or say sorry for anything.

• Tell them what you appreciate about the opportunity

• Wish them well and do your diligence to not set them up for difficulty in the transition. Don’t leave something that will cause you to go back on your statement and do any more work either.

• If anything is unfinished, finish it or give a refund.

• Deliver everything that was done so they can take it from there. Don’t waste their time or any more of yours.

Here is an example of off boarding a client that you do not wish to work with any longer.

Example script to fire a client:

Hello <Name>,

I have had some shifts in my business that are bitter sweet.
I’m no longer able to work on your project(s) and must decline.

I will be looking back on all our work together with fond memories. Serving you has been an honor with great reward. For that I will be forever appreciative.

I want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you so I will……

There are a few people who I think can assist you further. Their names and website addresses are….

Thank you again for everything. I wish you the best in all your endeavors….

It was a true honor and real pleasure!
Thank you,
Your Name

In my case (and I knew it would happen) they might ask for just one more thing… or try to offer more money or a different incentive to continue. Stay firm and don’t give in. You have made a decision and no matter how hard, you have the strength and respect for your time and life to follow through completely.

I am very much a YES person with my clients. In the past I have been a little too much of a YES person. So this set up a few working relationships that have drug on to long or that are not aligned with my business path anymore. This client knew me as such and I expected that I would be a rebuttal ask to my first email. My reply was kind but very clear. I repeated my no, again, with no extra explanation or apology.

Here is an example of what my client replied with:

“I knew this day would come- But I do have one favor and I really need your help- you already know what we are looking for-- I would like your help one last time for these last couple of items.

I hope you can work with me on this, as I am tight for time to get a couple of things done--

Please let me know if you can help me one last time”

Stick to your guns - Example text:

I’m not available to meet your deadline or continue our work as stated in my previous email.

I would not have said so if there was any way to continue.

Please excuse the timing; it was not my intention or desire to cause you any inconvenience.

Thank you whole heartedly for all your support and understanding. I wish you and your family to best of success and life!

Thank you,
Your Name



Wondering if you’re offering to many products?

Besides gaining more time and a better focus on the products that are working in your business, your sales could improve by making your customers choices more simple. Offering a few less options actually improves the decision making ability of your shoppers. If there are to many decisions to make, many people are likely not making a decision at all. That means more work and inventory overhead for you AND less sales total!

Here are some ideas on how to give more focus on the products that are really delivering in your business. Focusing on the ones that take the least effort or resources to sell, or that are the biggest pieces of the pie.

• Take a few products off the market for a while. You might just be offering too much and having fewer things will help your customers make a decision or un-stretch yourself.

• You can create excitement around those you take off by sending out a few emails and social posts that they will be unavailable soon (and if true: your not sure when or if they will be back!).

• Assign a date to purchase by and after that date take them down. Make sure to notify your email list and to put that time table on your website.

After a break, and only if you want to bring them back, do so for short bouts at a time. You can create some hype about their limited time return if you decide to bring them back which could increase sales and condense the time you need to spend shipping, creating or giving customer support.

This can help with your on-hand inventory, to keep your focus on few things at a time and to create real urgency and excitement about your offerings.

Or leave them off forever and keep all your energy to put into something more important.


Is less really more? YASS IT IS!

Our society has trained us since grade school to work on our weaknesses. In this situation that is TERRIBLE ADVICE. Put all your energy and resources into your strengths! Lazer your focus for a better life and grow the things that are truly the best for you and your business.

Determine what really are your strengths and passion in your business by following the steps above.

Decide what to cut out or offer only occasionally.

If you like this strategy to analyze your business income and revenue, I know you’ll love to take this one step further to take inventory and analyze your to-list and goals. Thus becoming even more focused, centered and a master of self motivation.


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