5 REASONS • Why You Should Never Use a Free Website Builder

It is so easy now a days to get your hands on a website builder. When purchasing your domain most hosts offer some sort of free website to go along with it. Or many people see the free options that Wix and other sites offer.

It sounds like a great opportunity. Especially when starting up a new business all the costs start to build up and if you can get something for free… Why pay for it?





I’m a fan of using the free options on some tools and applications. But I never recommend using a Free Site. NOT EVEN FOR PRACTICE.



With many free builders you don’t even get your own domain name. They will use their name as part of your URL like yourcompany.wix.com or yourcompany.weebly.com. This is the very last thing that you want.
-It diminishes your ability to build SEO.
-It also destroys the trust from your website visitor that you are a serious and legitimate business.
-Whatever brand, service or product you are selling is devalued immediately.

Having your own domain name is what sets you apart on the web. It allows you to build backlinks to your domain increasing your traffic and customers.

When you go the cheap route with your business website you are going to get cheap results. Customers want to feel that you are a valuable and trusted source and you can’t be if you only spend $30 on your website.


Having an advertisement on your site that promotes building a website for free is bad for business. First it makes sure that if someone hasn’t noticed already that you have a cheap site, they know for sure now. Plus they have been advertised to on top of it.

This tells your customers that you are not yet serious about your product and that you won’t invest into it. If you don’t believe or care about your brand or products, then why should they?

Since these sites are free they may allow paid advertising to pop up on your pages. This is distracting, sabotaging and means that your competitors might be paying for advertising that is going to appear on your website. Talk about a bad situation.

Advertising devalues your brand, services and products. It also takes away from the users experience of your website. It is hard for them to see you and your content and the ads will increase their bounce rate.


I mentioned user experience above and we are going to add it to the list. Creating a great experience and design is more than just adding some elements to a page, adding your email and calling it done.

UX (user experience) is built by your content and the delivery of that content. This includes adding thought, strategy, professional design and SEO (search engine optimization) to your website build.

The psychology of our decisions and feelings is happening mostly behind the scenes in our brains and those of our website visitors. Creating judgements and feelings many times without us being aware of it.

Are your visitors being vain and too quick to judge you and your business?
That’s just human nature. Read more about the inner thoughts of your website visitors here: THE MOLD IN YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS STRATEGY

Your user experience is everything. It is creating or destroying the know, like and trust factor. It is also creating connection and conversions or pushing your visitors to a different source for their needs.

48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.
94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. (Source IRON PAPER)

Unlike a real website platform service you are getting very limited tools and services to deliver this design and experience. Without the right tools, it becomes impossible no matter your skills.


When using a free website builder, you’re not going to get a fully responsive website design. Your site might look good on a computer but if your visitors can’t read it on a mobile device you are losing 50% of your potential customers or clients.

Another reason that visitors will click off your website in 3 seconds or less is: Slow load times. SEO then plummets as well if you had any chance to build it in the first place.

Most free website providers are putting tons of sites on the same servers. This makes all those sites load at slow speeds, no matter how simple they are. Slow speeds are the death of your website conversion or view rates.


Not just will your visitors be affected by your free site. You also must work with poor tools and no or very little support. That’s just the beginning. The terms and services of these pages state that they can shut down your site (stop hosting) at any time, without warning or reason. They also are not required to save your content or data or give you a way to retrieve it.

They can also sell your information. These services need to get money somehow and if advertising is not enough they will find other ways to make money like selling your email address, personal information and possibly even your website to other companies. Their terms of service (who really reads those things anyways?) gives them total legal immunity.

A good truth to know in this digital world is that if you are not paying for a tool, platform or app, you are likely the product.

Those are just my top 5 reasons to not chose a Free Website Host or Platform. There are many affordable and so much greater options out there in the world.



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5 REASONS • Why You Should Never Use a Free Website Builder
5 REASONS • Why You Should Never Use a Free Website Builder
5 REASONS • Why You Should Never Use a Free Website Builder