Branding & Website Package
for Thrive With Wellness



"Before working with Moessence my website didn’t reflect my brand or serve my customers the way I wanted it to.
I wanted professional help so I could change this FAST!

I had no hesitations after speaking with Monica. I appreciated her attention to detail and her enthusiasm. I was very impressed by her work.  It felt like she was the right fit."

Monica was super responsive to my questions and feedback.  I LOVED how she helped me edit my copy and polish it up. This experience is going to help me long term in my marketing and client communication. It gave me the “ok” to be enthusiastic and myself when speaking to clients online.

Monica far exceeded my expectations and hopes for my project. It came out better than I could have imagined. She is very professional to work with and gives great feedback. If you are looking to revamp your brand and or website you should work with her!

She has a great eye for design and marketing. If you want someone to help guide you through the process or give honest feedback on your copy or your design elements so you have a beautiful website that will drive traffic and new customers she is the freelancer for you!"

“You will be a satisfied customer! Monica will make sure of it. If your website and branding doesn’t reflect your message it’s time to change it. Monica can help you do that. I can’t say enough good things about working with her!”


Website Package & Graphic Design
for Royal Icing Baking Supply


"Honestly, we had no hesitations about working with Monica. From the moment our introduction began we felt very comfortable with her. Monica’s initial consultation gave us complete confidence and her approach to brand development provided more clarity of our ideal customer and helped us better develop the vision for our brand.

When we initially began, Monica encouraged and gently pushed us to take a step back, to think about who we are trying to serve. This process allowed us to put ourselves in the shoes of our ideal customer, feel their pain points, and think of ways we could better serve them.

Taking this time allowed us to reflect on the direction of our brand and ultimately create a website that mirrored our deeper purpose.


Monica’s communication went way beyond our expectations. She was with us every step of the way, providing encouragement and constructive feedback. She provided so much value throughout all aspects of our business. Monica quickly became much more to us than just our designer, we want her as part of our team!

We would literally go back and start this process all over. We enjoyed working with Monica so much, so much in fact we were looking for ways to extend the project!

Working with Monica is unlike working with anyone else. We quickly felt like we were working with a close friend, someone that has known the both of us for a long time and wanted to see not just our brand succeed, but our family as well. We felt like she is part of our team, that we were in this together.

It wasn’t like “hiring” someone to merely complete a task, we were developing a relationship with someone whom we want to continue working with for years to come.

Thank you Monica for taking time to get to know “us”. Not just our product or business, but our family. We looked forward to listening to your feedback each day and you reminded us of why we’re creating this in the first place, to connect with amazing and talented people like you. You are an incredible person and we sincerely hope we can continue working together along this journey.


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