Build a powerful online presence with beautiful design, thoughtful strategy and content creation coaching so you can fast track your profits and connect with your ideal clients and customers.

Unlock your growth potential and never feel embarrassed by your branding and website again.



These are the Top 10 Common Mistakes I find on websites when I am designing a new website for a client looking to boost their business and asking me to help.

We are going to understand why each is a mistake and then you will get a clear and easy step to correct each.


Hello! I’m Monica Orto. The “Mo” in Moessence.
My calling is to make the most beautiful, and life changing functional art.

By working closely with like minded venturers like you on their branding and websites, I fulfill my artistic and entrepreneurial soul.
I make beautiful digital art that empowers you to make your next goals and dreams a reality.

From the beginning I knew that I didn't want to just design sites or logos that only look great.

I really want to pass the torch of understanding and online business strategy on. Digging deeper into life, our business, what we are doing and why.


I create for the most amazing go-getters. You have been in business for a while, got your feet under you and are ready to stand apart from the crowds. You’re ready to invest in your business and you know you have what it takes to get to the moon, yet you have your sites set on the stars.

There is a big part of who you who is missing from your business and you know you can be doing it better. You are done with your current website that still sucks and you’re done being embarrassed when sending customers and clients to it.

You are ready to be you and be seen as the professional master that you are. Once your branding and site is bangin’ you can start growing more and being justly rewarded for the value and expertise that you provide.

"If you are looking to revamp your brand and or website you should work with Monica! She has a great eye for design and marketing.

If you want someone to help guide you through the process or give honest feedback on your copy or your design elements, so you have a beautiful website that will drive traffic and new customers, this is the freelancer for you!
I can't say enough good things about working with her!"