I’m Monica Fawn Orto.

I was born artistic, entrepreneurial and introverted. I grew up and live in Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

I strive to live a mindful and naturally healthy life with some minimalism, yoga and snowboarding sprinkled in. I have lived through and shed some very limiting beliefs about myself and about what I want to do and experience in my life.
I’m a work in progress. I find hope and inspiration in knowing that.

I truly believe we craft our own lives and reality through our thoughts and actions. My one life is on this beautiful planet surrounded by billions of other souls.

I want to see & connect with this earth & people. To design a life I love and help others do the same. To awaken our passions and build those dreams together.


Creating a beautiful brand and website for my clients is a wonderful process.
Although the design is only a part in meeting their biggest goals and needs. The need to increase traffic and convert visitors into fans and paying clients can’t be addressed with design alone.

The problem is that even with a gorgeous logo, color palette and website graphics there is so much more to making an online business successful. My clients would ask me what to include in their website content and ask questions like; how to get great testimonials, or should they put their pricing on the website?
I was happy to guide them in the areas they needed, but I wanted to help them so much more than just answering those questions.

My best projects and favorite clients were those who were interested and desiring to have a better understanding of their online business strategy and presence. Working with those that were just slapping together some info to get it done as fast and cheap as possible was frustrating. Knowing that what I was building for them was not serving them or their visitors the best it could. My clients projects are a reflection of my work so I started refusing projects that were only a pretty design. Not a life and business changing tool.


I came into graphic and website design with the background as an artist and 8-5 office slave. For years I sat at a desk, selling my art as a hobby. I struggled with what to create and the purpose behind those creations. They were mostly an outlet for myself, a side hobby.

I had the desire to make my art functional. To make something beautiful that is useful, in demand and bettered the life of the customer who purchased it.

How could my art make a someone’s life better? To help make their dreams come true?

My wake up call happened in 2017 where I realized my experience with Illustrator, Photoshop & Marketing for 7 years at an outdoor shopping center could help others run a successful business. In turn also starting my own.


Since flying solopreneur I have worked with an agency (Legnd) designing SQSP websites. And another (AdVenture) creating ads for marketing campaigns in Google, Linked In and Facebook.

Including creating the monthly Google Ads for Forbes Magazine.

Also I’ve worked with clients one-on-one on over 20 projects that helped them create the tools to break their ceilings and get out of their trenches. To launch and grow their business.

Have 7 years experience with Illustrator and Photoshop and 1 year full-time experience with Squarespace.
I’m a Squarespace Circle member and can offer 20% off your first annual payment for your Squarespace Website.
You can see examples of my work on my PORTFOLIO PAGE.


Every client of mine was embarrassed of their branding and websites. Their online presence didn’t reflect their identity or message. They weren’t converting their ideal clients at the rate desired nor did they have the tools they needed to serve them or grow.

We addressed every one of their concerns and these issues leaving them feeling proud of their brand. And with the right tools and strategy for them.

Plans of action were discussed and guided so they can start building an empire not just a business.

I have tutored and helped my clients with marketing plans, SEO & Keywords, email list building techniques, e-books and giveaways. I’ve audited and advised on Pinterest and Instagram accounts to help my clients drive traffic and understand their brand and how to share it.

An example of one great Instagram giveaway campaign added 314 emails to a client’s list.


My services including trainings to help inspire and empower you to make the best decisions during our build & design. To take the guesswork out of what to pick and what to write.

To feel and understand the deeper meaning behind your final design and business. Then I can create the masterpiece that is your logo, branding and Squarespace website. The virtual home of your business.


Without understanding online business strategy, or how human brains work, we are left in the dark wondering why no one is buying and why our marketing isn’t working.

It takes lots of money and time to dig ourselves out of the hole we made when we just slapped it up together. I made the same mistakes in my first online presence. Websites are not the Field of Dreams. They won’t come & buy just because you built it.


It’s easy going and mostly chill. Reading, writing, movies and cuddling with my black cat named Allie. I do go on some outdoor adventures like snowboarding, camping, hiking and kayaking in my home state of Colorado.

One of my life goals is to go on a big trip at least once a year. So far I have been hitting up my dream tropical destinations. Especially to warm up after a winter of hunting powder on my snowboard. I love my mountains and I love the ocean!

If there were no consequences in life I would live on Sushi and Italian Nachos; Gluten free ones.
I strive to eat a more anti-inflammatory whole food diet and exercise regularly. I enjoy yoga and love lifting some weights.

I love Octopus. They are gorgeous and hold special meaning to me.
A reminder that life is short. Be weird & you, be flexible, and love like you had 3 hearts.


I struggle with the work & home life balance. My work IS at home and I do enjoy it and want to give my clients my best. So I set and strive to keep my boundaries of evenings and weekends off even though that can be difficult.

You know the drill through. Sometimes as Solopreneurs we work so hard on the thing we do that our business can be put on the back burner and not get the attention it needs. Those tasks are the ones that can consume the time that I try to save to just explore, read and relax.

Also even as a designer, especially as a designer, it’s so hard to decide on a certain look or aesthetic for my brand. I love and feel so many things and have the ability to make anything I want.

Reigning that in and creating something that connects the essence of me with my visitors is my priority. I want it to not just look nice. I want the people who really know me see to say “That’s so Monica.” Then I know I’m hitting the mark.

Just like we would do for your brand!


That’s a most excellent question.
Do You:

  • Thrive on learning and discovery?

  • Like a modern and clean website that vibes like you?

  • Listen to podcasts and read books about business and marketing?

  • Want a brand not just a logo and color palette?

  • Want to have someone to be a sounding board for ideas and advice?

  • Need a Squarespace site that you can manage on your own?

  • Need to know which approach might be right for you and your market?

  • Want to stop comparing and are ready to be you in your business?

Sounds like you’re my ideal client, and just right for my trainings and design. I would love the opportunity to learn more about you and your biggest goals and dreams.